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New Year, new look! Top eyewear trends to try in 2019


New Year, new look! Top eyewear trends to try in 2019

Just like how clothes and accessories define your personality, eyes can talk a lot about your attitude and mood. Picking a frame that suits your face not only accentuates your facial features, but also makes you look so much more presentable. Every frame is unique and serves its own purpose. While few eyewear trends bring out your witty side, others are designed with the objective of comfort and convenience. Let’s take a look at few of the coolest eyewear trends to try in 2019.

Retro eyeglass frames

Classy and stylish, retro frames are a great choice if you are looking to make a bold statement this new year. Even if you want to buy a new specs frame in 2019, these frames are designed in a way to give out major vintage vibes of the 80’s, with a lot of attitude and oomph. Furthermore, round shaped retro frames are a huge hit among millennials. Classic gold frames are widely acknowledged by people from across the world.

 Minimalist eyeglass frames

Minimalism is the buzzword for 2019.  Most celebrities and designers have also created a straightforward style statement by following the age-old mantra of “Keeping it simple”. The greatest advantage of this eyewear trend is that it can be used all the time irrespective of the occasion. Angular frames are a huge rage this year. If you want something vibrant yet subtle, opt for round crystal blue frames. Hues of green, blue and yellow are sure to add a pop of colour and a generous dose of style.

 Thick rimmed eyeglass frames

If you wish to have the spotlight on your face rather than on your frame, thick-rimmed frames are the best bet for you. If you want to try out a new specs frame in 2019, this is one of the most sophisticated choices. This is also one of the eyewear trends that coined the term “Geek Chic”. From top fashion shows to trendy events, thick rimmed frames go hand-in-hand with class and poise. Additionally, they look great on men and women! Round black with black matt full frame are a great value addition to rock on the nerdy glass trend, so go ahead and get creative!

 Tortoise eyeglass frames

Looking for a new specs frame in 2019? When it comes to the latest trendsetters in eye glasses, tortoise eye frames are definitely a must try. It adds just the right amount of sophistication with a hint of attitude. Since this is an evergreen frame, gift yourself a pair of round brown tortise frames this New Year, stay fashionable at all times, and keep in touch with the latest eyewear trends.

 Bold rectangle eyeglass frames

Put your best foot forward, fashionably, with our rectangle black matt full frames. Fashion is all about reviving age-old trends. This eyewear trend is inspired by the minimalistic frames of the 90’s, with a modern twist. It is also a great idea to customise your rectangle eye glasses with BluPro lenses to protect your eyes from harmful UV rays, while you go ahead and click those flawless outdoor selfies!

 Rimless eyeglass frames

Bored of using chunky frames?  It’s time you switch to something simple yet elegant. Rimless eyeglass frames have been a front runner in eyewear trends and continue to do so in 2019. These are available in different sizes, shapes and colours, making it the most convenient option for everyone.  Check out our rectangle silver shine rimless glasses that can make you look chic and stylish.

 Defence/Shield eyeglass frames

If you are particularly focusing on eye care rather than style and fashion, then you must try out this new age 2-in-1 defence or shield glasses. The highlight of these frames is that it can be used throughout the year as it equipped with a unique UV protection mechanism. As the name suggests, these eyeglass frames defend your eyes from the harmful rays of the sun, pollution and dust.

 These are some of the best eyewear trends in 2019 that are sure to stand the test of time. Furthermore, these eyeglass frames are easily available in the form of prescription lenses, progressive lenses or normal sunglasses.  Before you narrow down on a trendy eye frame, keep in mind the two important aspects of eyewear –comfort and protection. If you are looking for some of the trendiest eyewear collections and get the latest eyeglasses this New Year, head out to Specsmakers. They are the leading manufactures of superior quality sunglasses, eyeglasses and contact lenses.


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