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How to use the 3D Try-on and choose the right spectacles for you?


How to use the 3D Try-on and choose the right spectacles for you?

Choosing spectacles is always a challenge. Simply because there are so many options and as we keep checking one after the other, we also lose track of which one looks better and so on. This was a challenge when we had a chance to visit an outlet. 

Under the new norm, the challenge has compounded even further. We are unable to or are wary of visiting an outlet and therefore if buying eyeglasses becomes essential, then we have to do it online. If after seeing it, albeit fleetingly was a challenge, buying spectacles without checking how it looks is even more challenging. 

The frames look extremely cool until we wear them. And then, the spectacles don’t complement the face but compete with each other. 

This changed, when I discovered the 3D try-on feature in

This feature is seriously cool & fun. You can try this feature both from your desktop as well as your mobile.

So when you click on a good looking frame image, it not only gives you the various colours in which that frame is available but also invites to check yourself wearing them, virtually.

I wanted to explore this further. So I clicked on the 3D try-on in my mobile phone. The camera loaded with the selfie mode, and it was all Get, Set, Go for a new eyewear shopping experience.

And as soon as the page loaded, I realized it has some really interesting features. Like there is a Share Button at the bottom and I can share the link instantly on to my Insta or FB or just old fashioned WhatsApp, for my friends to discover the feature.

Then, the process is simple. Once I get my face in position on my phone or desktop, I can select the frame and hit the Image capture button. Just like the way one will take a picture. And my face along with the frame is captured. Now I have the option of moving the next arrow or choose another frame from another section and capture that as well.

I can select up to 6 different looks. 

These images are stored in the gallery section. And one can navigate to that section and take a look at all the 6 frames and how they look on our face.

Oh I almost forgot, One can even choose the colour options that is available for the selected frame. So if you fancy cool blue and if Blue is available, then you can select the colour or a blazing red if you please. And, if you love the look you can simply hit the Buy Now button and make a purchase.

We can also download the images. And when we are ready, we can go back and buy them instantly.

And also did a good job of delivering them in real quick time. I got my spectacles in just 5 days.

They not only made my buying decision easy with the 3D Try-on, they also made sure it was a perfect fit. A big thanks to Specsmakers

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