A tiny little virus has made the world run for cover. Every Country in the world is trying to cope with Covid-19 and its after effects. After several weeks of staying indoors and in the safety of our homes, most countries & cities are slowly coming out to explore the world and what it has to offer.

In the few days of Unlock 1.0, we now know that the world will never be normal again. At least until a vaccine is found, tested and administered to a majority of the population. Hopefully in the next 6 to 12 months.

Until then, as the saying goes, Life must go on. And we need to get used to the New Normal.
Social Distancing, Sanitizing, Safe practices, Gloves, Masks et al is part of the new normal.

At Specsmakers, we always believe that our Customers are like our family and it is our responsibility to take care of the family.

We have put together and practice several safety protocols so it protects you, our customers and our staff across our outlets.

The starting point:

We recommend that you set up an appointment before visiting any of our stores. You can do this online at www.specsmakers.in or call 97915 97915 to fix this. This will ensure that the no. of people inside our store is kept within the safe range and ensure Social Distancing is practiced.

You will be welcomed by our staff with folded hands, wearing gloves and masks. You will need to sanitize your hands with hand sanitizer, right at the door. Our staff will also do a Thermal Temperature check to ensure safety of all our customers and staff members within the store.

You will need to wear a mask at all times. Just in case, you are not carrying your mask with you, we will be glad to give you one. The mask & sanitizer is placed right at the entrance for your safety.

Sanitizing the Store:

The entire store is sanitized every day. Actually several times a day by our Staff. They will clean starting the glass door & door handles to chairs & tables, the billing counter & computer as well as all the frames & frame holders.

All the products are sanitized using a ultrasonic cleaner. This ensures that every crevice and folds are sanitized thoroughly. 

The Eye Test Room:

Our Optometrist will always be wearing a coat, mask, gloves and all other protective equipment as mandated by the government.

They will sanitize the equipment, refractometer, seating area, the test lenses and all other surfaces right in front of you. In case they forget or you didn’t see them doing it, you are well within your rights to ask that it be sanitized right in front of your eyes.

Only one person, i..e, the person whose eyes are being tested and the Optometrist can be in that area.

The Selection of Frames & Lenses:

The frames you would like to check will be placed in a table. Only 5 frames will be placed on a cloth mat. There will be a sanitizer and a cleaning cloth provided. These frames will be sanitized by our Staff wearing Gloves & masks. You can inspect them, try them and choose your frame.

 Practicing Social Distancing Norms:

As mandated by the government, we will only have a limited number of customers at any given time. This is the reason why we urge you to fix an appointment before visiting our store.

Our Staff will always be wearing Gloves, masks and other personal safety equipment. They will also maintain a safe distance at all times.

Our billing systems are sanitized several times a day. However we would urge you to make electronic payments as far as possible to avoid handling of cash. We also have contactless payment options, should you require one.

We cannot fight Corona Virus. But we can do everything we can to protect ourselves and our customers from Corona.

Stay Safe. Stay Healthy. And we have done everything we can to ensure your safety at all our stores. You can visit any of our stores with confidence.

AAAeCommerce Inc Collaborator