Spectacles are known to bring out and even alter your personality, and one of the trendiest glasses in the market is the nerd-glasses. Distinguished by its large, square-ish lens frames, the nerd glasses can accentuate your eyes and cheekbones. Sporting the nerd glasses is effortless, as it can practically go with any outfit and for any given occasion. If you need inspiration before you pick up a pair of nerd glasses, you simply have to look at what the celebrities are wearing.  Here is a list of top Indian and foreign actors rocking the nerd glass trend in 2019.

Mahesh Babu

Tollywood actor Mahesh Babu is known for his flamboyant dressing sense, with a wardrobe comprising primarily of designer clothes. For his upcoming film, Mahesh will be sporting the nerdy look accentuated with a pair of large-framed spectacles. Tollywood movies are known for their over-the-top action sequences and masala plots, so it is refreshing to see many other actors in the T-town industry bring a sense of realism with their bespectacled looks.  


The award-winning Malayalam film actress can’t be spotted without her nerdy and old fashioned looking specs. Though she does take the specs off for various roles in film and TV, she won the highest film award honour- the Filmfare Award for a role where her character was bespectacled, no surprises there! Known for her versatile acting style and gelling with co-stars, Parvathy continues to make hit after hit. One can say that those nerdy specs are her lucky charm.  


The undisputed king of Tamil cinema is widely viewed as the “boss” in almost all of his movies. While on screen, he is more famously known for his swag persona coupled with a pair of sunglasses, off screen he can bee seen in casual attire; a simple button down with trousers and a pair of nerdy specs. That’s right, even the “boss“knows when it’s time to chill, and by that he means pulling out the smart looks with some nerdy shades.   


Dhanush gained fame for playing oddball characters with unusual and often quirky personalities, so it's no surprise that the versatile actor has a wardrobe filled with geekiest clothing and accessories. Offscreen, you can spot him putting on some swagger in his casual clothing, and that is of course incomplete without a pair of nerdy specs.

Deepika Padukone

Deepika Padukone is a glamorous actress by nature, so it’s no surprise that she looks great in whatever she wears. Little do people know that Deepika’s standard look cannot be completed without a pair of specs, and she showed just how adorable she could look with the nerdy glasses in Yeh Jawani Hai Diwani. Nowadays, you will rarely spot her without a pair of specs (especially the nerdy types).

Sonam Kapoor

Being Bollywood’s most extravagant fashionista doesn’t come easy, yet Sonam Kapoor pulls it off so well that many other celebrities wait for her to post photos of her super-sized wardrobe. A true fashionista knows that you cannot complete a look without accessories and one her most talked about fashion choices involves the nerdy glasses. She’s even confessed her loved for cat-eye and harry-potter themed frames.

Selena Gomez

The Disney starlet is one of the most active celebrities on social media, and she wastes no time posting photos of various fashion looks. An inspiration to many young girls across the globe, Selena’s baby-faced look is made for flashy and large framed spectacles. You will often spot the actress out and about in the streets sporting a casual look and a funky pair of coolers. She also managed to pull off the tortoiseshell shaded nerdy specs look.

Andrew Garfield

Andrew Garfield rose to fame portraying a nerdy role in The Social Network. While he didn’t showcase the nerdiness with his looks, his portrayal of a shy and intelligent college student won the approval of many real life nerds. The actor did go full-out nerdy in his take on Spiderman, even wearing the iconic large frames and managing to play the part as close as it gets to the comics.

Taylor Swift

The Shake it Off hit-maker maybe better, and rather comically known as the singer who writes the best lyrics after every breakup, but she can also play dress-up as good as she can sing. Her sporty dressing sense goes well with her choice of large framed spectacles, and she even went full nerd on a skit on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.  

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Odelia Christina