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What Kind of Lenses Should You Opt For At Your Age?


What Kind of Lenses Should You Opt For At Your Age?

Many people spend plenty of time picking frames for their eyeglasses as there are a plethora of options available. However, very few people understand that there is an extensive assortment of lenses available that will help protect their eyes and offer the sharpest and clearest vision. While choosing frames, it is extremely important to pick the appropriate lens for your sight, keeping in mind your needs and desired lifestyle.

The reason why you must make a smart choice is simple- your eyes and the glasses must be compatible to produce a crystal clear and strain-free vision. The lenses of your eyeglasses help to enhance your eye health and maintain a healthy vision.

 Here are some of the lenses options available that you should opt at your age-

  • Lenses that help in maintaining your vision

  • Single vision lenses are the most popular lenses used to correct your vision. These lenses are customized to resemble your prescription and correct eye ailments such as nearsightedness & farsightedness.

    Both bifocal lenses and progressive lenses are created to correct the wearer’s eyesight (normally over 40 years of age) who are suffering from presbyopia. While bifocals assist to see objects at a distance and close-up, progressive lenses correct vision at all distances. 

    Blue light emitted from the digital screens are known to cause various ailments like red eyes, blurry eyes, dry eyes, and even affects the sleep cycle. Individuals that spend prolonged hours in front of digital screens need a pair of Computer Glasses. These glasses not only filter out blue light, but they also boost your vision focus when shifting from one screen to another, for instance, from your laptop to your phone.

  • Lenses that protect your eyes

  • To shield your eyes, specialised coatings are applied to the lenses of the eyeglasses. All of the options mentioned below can be utilised collectively to ensure that your eyeglasses equip you with the most suitable vision for your requirements and lifestyle:

    • Photochromic lenses are regarded as light-sensitive lenses that adjust to fluctuating illumination levels and filter UV rays. These lenses protect your eyes from varying intensities of light exposure.

    • Anti-glare lenses guard your optics against flashing lights and are excellent for people who drive frequently or for those who spend most of their time outdoors.

    • Blue light protection lenses, also known as blue light glasses, filter the harmful blue light that emanates from the computer screens: televisions, and cell phones. So if you are someone who spends any more than 5 hours in front of a computer screen, this protective layer is extremely important.

    • UV protection lenses can block harmful ultraviolet rays. This is perfect especially for individuals that have recently undergone eye surgery and require some additional help to protect their eyes. Furthermore, it can be used by anyone who spends a good duration of time in the sun, either driving, riding or working. 

    Maintain healthy vision through your lenses

    These lenses further have a guarding coating that gives you bright and clear vision and helps in keeping your eyeglasses neat and protected at all times and coordinate your convenience and motion level.

    • Anti-scratch lenses assist in protecting your lenses from marks through a persistent coating on your lenses. This supports your glasses to keep a clearer vision and last longer.

    • Anti-smudge lenses comprise a distinct coating that prevents blemishes and fingerprints from lingering on your lenses. They are easy to clean and help you maintain a clearer vision.

    • Anti-dust lenses employ a coating on which grime and dirt do not cling leaving your lenses spotless for longer. This will help you avoid any sort of irritation or strain due to unclear vision.

    • Water-repellent lenses assure that liquid slides right off your lenses so that precipitation or condensation does not obstruct your vision.

    High index lenses are also a worthy mention as they are thin and light in weight & help reduce the overall weight of eyeglasses, these lenses are especially useful for those who have a high prescription. Whatever your lenses and eyeglasses requirements are, it is worth your time to analyse all the possible alternatives. It is essential to assess the pros and cons of all these lenses to understand and choose the lenses that fit your needs. All these benefits of each different lens can be blended to give you the most desirable vision. If you're still hesitant, you can talk to an optician who can suggest options that will work in sync with your age, lifestyle, and prescriptive requirements.

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