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7 Polarised Sunglasses That Every Man Must Have


7 Polarised Sunglasses That Every Man Must Have

Sunglasses have been unanimous with men’s fashion for quite a while now. In addition to protecting one’s eyes, sunglasses are also known to be one of the only accessories men wear. Men’s sunglasses especially are an important addition to the wardrobe since it can transform a look almost instantly. However, since men have very versatile lifestyles, it can be difficult to choose the right sunglasses for a given activity. 

Polarised glasses can filter harmful sun rays from the softer light that will not harm the eyes. This is possible due to the polarising film which is incorporated into the lens. Once sunlight falls onto the lens, the light becomes polarised which reduces glare. 

Polarised Sunglasses for men, in general, are in different categories on the basis of the shape of the lens and functioning. Therefore, here’s a quick rundown to help you find the pair that you best. 


Full Frame Pilots

These sunglasses have been in trend ever since their release in the mid-1930s. They were initially synonymous with the Air Force. Hence, the name. However, these sunglasses are a perfect pair to add that kick of class into an otherwise ordinary outfit.

Face shape: Square and Round faces.

 Square glasses:

Full Frame square glasses

These sunglasses are probably one of the most common options out there. Square sunglasses are known to be an epitome of masculinity. With its big chunky frames and large lenses, these men’s sunglasses protect the eyes due to its ability to completely cover the eyes. 

Face shape: Round faces.

Sports sunglasses:

Full Frame sports Rectangle

These sunglasses are the ultimate pair for men that take part in daily sports. They hold on to one’s face firmly as well as providing full eye coverage from the glaring sun. In addition to this, most sports sunglasses for men are lightweight and made of fibreglass. Therefore, they will not scratch or crack upon impact with a surface. 

Face shape: All face shapes. 


Full Frame Traveller Large

This pair is similar to square sunglasses. However, they do possess a rounded bottom. Companies like Raybans specialise in creating these sunglasses. These sunglasses are known as the perfect option for individuals who prefer a more low-key appearance. 

Face shape: Oblong, Oval and Round faces. 


Full Frame Rectangle Large

Clubmaster sunglasses are famous for their bold upper frames and frameless bottom. This pair also belongs to an older generation but is still in style in 2020. In addition to this, they are quite sturdy due to their reinforced top frames. Men with a sharper jawline would flawlessly suit this pair. 

Face shape: Oval and Diamond Faces. 



Full Frame Round

These sunglasses for men are very unique. Although they do not provide much protection from the sun, they are a great statement piece. These unusual pairs of sunglasses can soften the edges that most men have and accentuate their jawline. 

Face shape: Square and Diamond Faces. 

Wrap-around sunglasses:

Half Frame Sports

These sunglasses are also a perfect addition to one’s sports collection. The band firmly fixes the sunglasses to one’s face. The best part of these sunglasses is that the right size will not hurt one’s ears and temples. In addition to this, most high-end wrap around sunglasses contain a stretchy material for the band and a cushion for the nose bridge. It is a convenient option for runners and other athletes. 

Face shape: All faces. 


In addition to the above options, there are a few notable mentions as well when it comes to sunglasses for men. They are: 

  • Geometric Sunglasses
  • Reflector Sunglasses
  • Flipper Glasses

The above options usually entice the more adventurous group of men looking to be unique and different. 


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