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Style On with Sun On Glasses


Style On with Sun On Glasses

If you thought Sunglasses are only for people who don’t wear spectacles then you are wrong.


If you thought you need multiple sunglasses for different occasions then you are wrong again.


The eyewear industry has come a long way from making Sunglasses as a mere style accessory. Now you can actually buy prescription sunglasses for every power. All you need to do is choose a stylish frame that will suit you or the one you like most and give it along with your prescription to the Optician or better still get your eyes tested by the Optometrist at hand.


Now you are all set to wear stylish prescription glasses.


That’s not all. You can also choose to buy Sun-On+ from Specsmakers. These are 4 Clip-On sunglasses to the first pair. These additional Clip-On’s come with a magnetic end that just sticks itself over your prescription sunglasses.


The Clip-ons come in 4 colours and serve different purposes. They are:


Mirror Gray: This is the perfect choice for the fashion-conscious. It kind of goes with everything all day and is a perfect accessory for selfies. Look cool with these Mirror Gray Clip-ons.


Polarized Grey: If you are someone who is outdoors and in the Sun most of the day or when you step out in the Sun, just clip on the Polarized Grey lenses. These lenses refract sunlight in different directions and help protect your eyes. Importantly, being Grey this won’t distort the colours of anything you see.


Mirror Blue: Wonder why they named this Mirror Blue. Because no can see your eyes. Only you can see them. Kind of cool isn’t it. Mostly worn by Sportsmen. Yes, you might have seen our cricketers wear them when they field. This is because Mirror Blue makes things look brighter than they usually are. And of course yes, it looks uber cool.


Night Vision: Next time when you have to drive in the night, just add the night vision clip ons to your glasses. It gives you great clarity, puts less stress on your eyes and of course, you will see things better.


Now if you are wondering where to buy them, walk into any of the 250+ Specsmakers stores near you. They have these ultracool collections at prices that are cool too.

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