2020 is a year that has brought a lot of changes including the amount of time that we spend in front of digital screens. Especially for working professionals who spend numerous hours on zoom calls, filling up those various excel sheets & just completing those work from home hours. However, even with these different & fast-phased work from home days, it is important to give yourself the comfort & care you require, especially when it comes to your eyes. 

Eyeglasses traditionally have been associated as a boring affair but at Specmakers, we have combined both functionality & comfort to design eyewear that is perfect for the stylish professionals. Blue light blocking glasses tick all the right boxes in regards with eyeglasses that professionals need

  1. These eyeglasses protect the eyes from harmful blue light emitted by digital screens by filtering it out 
  2. Blue light blocking glasses reduce eye strain, blurry eyes, red & dry eyes and helps improve sleep quality
  3. Crafted from durable material they are ideal for long term use and offer a comfortable fit
  4. Blue light blocking glasses from Specsmakers are available in a variety of styles, colours, and material in order to cater to every stylish professional. 

Looking for the right pair of eyeglasses for those prolonged screen time ends here at Specsmakers. Here are some of our favourite picks!

Classic Cat Eye Glasses

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A classic pair of cat eye glasses is what every stylish professional need to go about there with ease. These Blue Zero computer glasses are perfect from men & women who spend numerous hours in front of digital screens, be it their laptops, mobile phones, or TV. Rendered in a black hue, these full frame cat eye glasses are a must-have!

 Vibrant Rectangular Eyeglasses

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Want a trendy & fun pair of glasses, that still ensures optimum comfort & durability, this is the answer to it. This vibrant pair of blue rectangular computer glasses from Blue Zero, filter out harmful blue rays while full frame construction provides a comfortable fit. See clear & look stylish with this pair of blue light blocking glasses.

 Sleek Square Eyeglasses

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Do away with eye strain, blurry eyes, dry & red eyes & headaches with these sleek square eyeglasses from the Blue Zero collection. Crafted using a quality metal material, this gold pair strikes the perfect balance between comfort and style, while the lenses filter out harmful blue light. 

Sophisticated Pilot Eyeglasses 

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A sophisticated pair of pilot eyeglasses from Specsmakers is what every trendsetter needs to go about their day with style and ease. This fun pair is rendered in a brown hue & pilot silhouette to ensure optimum style and comfort, while the blue light blocking glasses ensure clear vision. 

Modish Round Eyeglasses

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Look with clarity & feel stylish with these round full frame computer glasses from Blue Zero. Crafted using a quality metal material, these eyeglasses filter out blue light while silver metal hue ensures a stylish appeal. 

Gift yourself the promise of safe vision with classic picks from Specsmakers. Made for stylish professionals and individuals who spend prolonged hours in front of digital screens, our computer glasses are the perfect pick for you, Shop now!