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Eyeglasses styles too good for men to miss out on


Eyeglasses styles too good for men to miss out on

While we regularly keep our health in check, our eyes are often neglected, which is a huge concern. As we enter deep into the age of digitalization, most aspects of our lives involve a laptop or smartphone or other digital media. Continuous use of these devices may cause adverse effects on our eyes. Special eyeglasses are a must if you want to prevent these effects. Nowadays, special BLU block lenses are used to make eyeglasses.

A question we all consider before buying glasses: What style is trending now? You wouldn’t want eyeglasses which do not suit you at all. After all, we all want our fashion sense to be praised by our colleagues. There are many varieties of eyeglasses for men which are currently available online.

Men’s eyeglasses are a crucial element for any man’s fashion quotient. We have selected some of the most stylish and classiest frames for men. You would be looking forward to having them enhance your overall look.

  • Pilot frames: 

  • Have you ever searched for glasses from the movie “Raees''? We all craved SRK’s look in the movie. Popularly known as aviator frames, these are a must-have for any man out there. Pair these with anything to make yourself ready for any occasion. Pilot style frames come in a full-rim frame as well as a rimless frame. Both will ensure you a classy look that will state your style. An aviator variant with a classic and streamlined shape coupled with a retro colour makes it the best a man can get. Aviators are the most popular eyeglasses for men online

  • Cat-Eye glasses: 

  • Cat-eye frames are named such as they look like a cat’s eyes. These frames slay any look with a nerdy and charismatic vibe. Though it tends to be more popular among younger people, middle-aged men can also wear them to get a stylish look. You can wear these on sportswear or on your office-wear too. 

  • Round frames: 

  • One style which looks equally classy as the aviator is the round frame style. Their design is simple, and they are the perfect alternative for traditional square frames. Generally, the circular frames are thin and very light. You would understand it better if you’ve seen Superstar Rajnikanth in the movie “Kabali”. A classic black round frame for any occasion.

  • Wayfarers: 

  • Wayfarers are one of the most stylish glasses ever made. Wayfarers are different, in the sense they are most suited for parties and picnics. Wayfarers have a square-shaped frame and come in various colour shades. If you are a college student, you need this. Though, it isn’t suggested on formal attire.

  • Hexagonal frames: 

  • Sometimes you do feel like trying something unique as well as stylish. Well, the hexagonal frames are just for you. As the name suggests, these frames are hexagonal shaped and give a comfortable wide view angle. These glasses are light-weighted, ultrathin and flexible.

    Men’s eyeglasses are a daily necessity. But we have ignored them for too long. It’s high time we change our thinking. Even if you don’t have high power, you’ll still need Blue Zero glasses to shield your eyes from the harmful UV rays. Our eyes are the windows to our soul. Shouldn’t we take proper care so that they remain healthy? There are many available styles of specs for men and choosing one can be a hassle. Now that we’ve sorted out some of the best styles lookouts, you can choose from a variety of frames at Specsmakers. Choose the perfect one for yourself equipped with BLU block protection, and continue seeing a beautiful world through your precious eyes.