Did you know that staring at a computer or mobile screen all day can harm your eyes big time?


Sight is one of the most important of our 5 senses. And if we lose sight of its importance, then we will be left to see things we don’t want to see.


One of the fundamental things that a person who works in front of a computer should do to protect their eyes is to wear protective eyewear. These devices, be it a Laptop or a computer or even a mobile screen emit what is called Blue Rays. These Blue Rays coming from these devices can cause serious harm to the retina and in extreme cases, it could even lead to eye damage.


Therefore one needs to wear Blue Light Filtering glasses or anti-blue light glasses when working in front of a computer.


Yes. We hear the question of what if I don’t wear power or prescription spectacles? For those who do not wear spectacles with power, there is a special spectacle called Blue Zero. This means that these spectacles don’t have power lenses but act as blue light filter glasses.


While these would provide the basic protection for your eyes, we also recommend that you do the following, to care for your eyes:


  1. Drink plenty of fluids: This will prevent you from becoming dehydrated while sitting in one place and water will also prevent any puffiness of your eyes.
  2. Don’t Rub your eyes: The eyes will become tired and will irritate because they too can get stressed. While anti-Blue Light glasses will protect the blue light from entering your eyes, it will still feel tired because of constant use. So don’t add to the stress by rubbing your eyes and irritating it further.
  3. Practice Cupping: You can merely rub your palms against each other. This will help the palms to become warm. Use this warmth to cup your tired eyes. It will reduce stress.
  4. Take a break and look away: Instead of staring at your monitor all the time, take some time off from the screen and walk around. If not just look away from your screen. This is called the 20:20:20 method. Look 20 feet away for 20 seconds. And do this every 20 minutes. This will again reduce the strain on your eyes.


But remember the first thing you need to do is to buy yourself a Blue Light Filter glasses. With or without power. And the best place to do that is Specsmakers. They have a large collection of frames and lenses at every price point.  

Satish Ambat