If you believed that eyewear or spectacles are only for people who need vision correction, then you can’t be farther from the truth.

In reality, almost everyone would have used an eyewear at least once in their lifetime. Because even Sunglasses are an eyewear.

Eyewear actually plays multiple roles in our lives and the way we look or look at things. For e.g. Sunglasses make us look cool while Contact Lenses, which is also an eyewear does not reveal the wearer needs vision correction. 

So, when does one need eyeglasses and how should they go about it? Check out which one you are and follow the rules.

The Mobile Aficionado

Illustration of a youngster dwelled into her mobile phone


This person is always seen with a mobile or a tablet or a laptop. The amount of time they spend with these gadgets could be as high as 3 times their sleep cycle. That is a humongous amount of time looking at Digital screens.

These people need to protect their eyes. Simply because digital screens emit Blue Light that is harmful to their eyes. If they are already wearing prescription eyeglasses, then they need to wear Anti-Blue Ray prescription lenses or just Blue Zero computer glasses if they do not wear prescription eyeglasses.

These Anti-Blue Ray protection eyeglasses block 98% of the blue light from digital devices and help prevent eye damage. 

The Fashion Aficionado

A picture containing drawing of a senorita with spectacles and hat

Ever wondered why Spectacles look good on Film stars? And in some cases, your peers too? Well, they have made wearing spectacles an everyday fashion statement.

They are aware of their face shape and wear eyeglasses that complement their face. For e.g. If you have a square face that is also angular with high cheekbones, then you should choose a frame that has rounded edges that soften your angles. Maybe thinner & wider frames that are slightly bigger than the jawlines would also help.

But one secret is to select a frame that follows the brow line, so it complements your face. 

The Style Aficionado

A close up of Cat Eye sunglasses

How many times have you seen them whip out their Sunglasses as soon as they step outdoors? Doesn’t matter if the Sun is up & shining or not, Sunglasses are a must-wear for these people.

Pilot, Club, Cat Eyes, Shield, Oval are just some Sunglasses shapes that add Style to the persona. And yes, it also blocks 100% of the Sun and protects eyes from Sun Damage. It is polarized, even better as it will prevent glares.

So, what if he is prescription eyeglasses wearer. It won’t stop them from getting Prescription Sunglasses or just simple clip-ons, for a dual look & style. 

The Look Young Aficionado

A picture containing an old man reading newspaper

When someone is borderline mature, they always to be seen as young. They do a lot to just hide their age. But Father Time has a way of getting at all of us. These people may have toned abs and rippling muscles, but their eyesight is one of the first give-aways.

They causally remove their spectacles or just pass the menu to someone else to order when they are socializing.

These people need Progressives. So, their eyesight can be as sharp as their looks. Progressives will help them look at near, intermediate and long distances as clearly as they appear. 

The Vanity Aficionado

A picture containing Contact Lenses

There are some people, especially women who believe their eyes are their best asset. While they will never state that explicitly, they would rather hide behind The Frames block my vision or does not go with my attire or better still, just want to feel natural. 

The point is that Contact Lenses sit very well with the eye and moves along with the eye. While there is a set of critiques who do not recommend contact lenses every day under the pretext of dries the eyes, these have become unfounded in recent times.

With the introduction of daily, weekly, bi-monthly and monthly disposables, Contact Lenses are also made to retain moisture and long-term comfort.

Whatever your eyewear need is, whether it is style or substance, you can find them all at www.specsmakers.inYou can try them on using their 3 D Try-on feature and order online or just walk into a store and get your spectacles outfitted, the old-fashioned way.

Remember, Spectacles can add Style as well as Substance to your personality.



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