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Choosing the Right eyeglasses.


Choosing the Right eyeglasses.

Every day we come across several people who wear eyeglasses – either as prescription glasses or as a fashion accessory, one of two things crosses our minds. It is either a WoW, they do look good with those eyeglasses or why did they choose eye frames that doesn’t suit them at all?

Selecting the right eye frames is an art by itself. Of course there is a lot of personal taste involved but if we can apply some broad rules one does not have to go wrong in selecting the right eyeglasses that will complement them.

To start with, the eyeglasses need to suit a face shape. This needs to be the primary driver for selection.

Let’s say you have a round face, then you should look for square or rectangle eyeglasses. Simply because these shapes will look larger than your face and therefore make the face look longer and slimmer.

Or if you have a square face, then the choice should be to complement those angles on your face. You should look to soften those hard angles on your face. A Round or an Oval eye frames will help soften those hard lines.

On the other hand if you have a Oval face, then like the round face example look for angular eye frames that are slightly larger than the widest part of your face. This will do the trick.

The second consideration should be your skin tone. Most people can be classified as people with Warm or Cold skin tones. That is if your skin tone is brown, bronze etc. it will be considered Warm and if you are very fair or even very dark then you will be considered to have a cool skin tone.

People with Warm Skin tones should avoid eye frames that will contrast their skin tone. So say no pastels and other contrasting colours like even white or black. Instead go for colours that will complement your skin tone like tortoise coloured eye frames, brown or even gold.

And for those who have cool skin tones, go for eye frames that have bold colours like pink, blue or even black.

The third consideration can be your Lifestyle. The Active ones like people who work out, should look for eye frames that are flexible so they bend and flex along with them. But if the eye frames are being mostly in formal settings then choose a solid frame that doesn’t look out of place.

And lastly your mood and what you are doing should also decide the eyeglasses you wear. For example if you are out for a party over the weekend then the eye glasses also needs to be flashy whereas the weekday office wear ones need to be more classic.

So choose your eye glasses correctly. Look fashionable. But importantly, feel comfortable.

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