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How to choose the right frames for glasses?


How to choose the right frames for glasses?

Every once in a while, we have a huge choice to make. The choice of which frame to choose for your glasses? After all, there are over 500+ designs in a Specsmakers store and everything is vying for attention and seemingly looks good.

You have always wondered if there are any rules that you can apply to create a shortlist of frames for spectacles to choose from?

There are some simple tips to choose frames for your glasses. You can choose them based on 3 broad parameters.

a) Eye Colour b) Hair Colour and c) Skin Tone

Within each of these broad parameters, there is also a personal choice to make. That is, do you want to stand out and choose a contrasting frame for your glasses or do you want to blend in and choose a muted colour?

Whichever way you want to go, here are some broad guidelines:

Frames for Glasses based on eye colour:

Grey eyes:

Choose a bright coloured frame for your glasses. This is because Grey by itself is a neutral colour and needs to be complemented with bright colours to stand out.

Brown / Amber eyes:

Any colour will look good on Brown / Amber eyes. You can work with Black to brighter colours for your frames. If you want to stand out, then bold colours should be your choice.

Blue eyes:

For people with Blue eyes, Orange, a complementary colour to blue, would be a good choice of frame. Look for our Happster range which has some Tortoise Shells and Coloured frames to look sharp and stylish.

Frames based on Hair Colour:

Hair plays a similar role to the choice of frames for your eyes. The frame needs to complement your hair colour to accentuate your style.

Black Hair:

Depending on your personal choices you can choose a darker or black frame to look stylish and elegant or choose a bold colour to stand out and make a statement.

White / Gray Hair:

White / Gray hair is the ultimate neutral colour. While Neutral frames will look stylish, Bold Coloured frames will add a streak of youthfulness to your looks.

 Frames based on Skin Tone:

Cool Skin Tones:

Known for having a pink undertone, choose frames with cool tones like blue, silver, gray, etc. for that cool look that complements your skin. 

Neutral skin tone

This is the best colour tone like White / gray because you can match any frame and it will look good.

Warm Skin Tone

This is the opposite of Cool skin tones. Complement your warm skin tones with warm frames like orange, Reds and so on. Warm Skin tones will also look good with black frames.

Now that you know a broad guideline on how to pick frames for your glasses, visit the nearest Specsmakers store or and try on our large collection and pick that one frame that is just right for you.