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So Over Uncomfy Contacts? Airvue Says 'Been There, Done That!'

by Narayanan G

So Over Uncomfy Contacts? Airvue Says 'Been There, Done That!'

So Over Uncomfy Contacts? Airvue Says 'Been There, Done That!'

Let's face it, folks. We've all been there. You shove in your brand-new lenses, brimming with hope for a day of clear vision, only to be met with that dreaded scratchy, dry feeling. Blinking becomes a frantic sport, and every dust bunny feels like a rogue asteroid pummeling your eyeball.


Airvue understands it. We've heard everything:

"I can only wear my contacts for a few hours before my eyes feel like sandpaper."
"I love the freedom contacts offer, but the discomfort is just awful."
"I've tried so many brands, but nothing seems to work for my dry eyes."

Well, fret no more, fellow contact lens warriors! Airvue is here to say, "Been there, done that!" We've developed a range of comfortable contact lenses, with a special focus on our Monthly Disposable Lenses, designed to tackle those pesky discomforts and keep your eyes happy all day long.


Causes for Contact Lens Pain:

There are various reasons why you could feel uncomfortable when using contact lenses:

Dry eyes: This is a frequent problem, particularly in locations with low humidity or air conditioning. When your eyes do not produce enough tears, the lenses may become dry, scratchy, and painful.


Lens Material: Traditional hydrogel lenses may contain less moisture, leading to eye dryness. Newer silicone hydrogel lenses, such as those used in Airvue, provide considerable benefits by allowing more oxygen into the eye and keeping moisture more effectively.

Improper Care: Protein accumulation and discomfort can arise if your lenses are not cleaned correctly or worn for a prolonged length of time after their suggested replacement schedule.


Lens Fit: Improperly fitted lenses can cause friction and discomfort. Getting a thorough eye exam and lens fitting is critical.


Airvue Monthly Disposable Contact Lenses 

Airvue Monthly Disposable Contact Lenses (available in a handy 6-pack package) are designed to provide you with both comfort and clear vision. Here's how we address those discomfort-causing factors while yet providing excellent features:


Advanced Etafilcon A material providing extraordinary comfort: These lenses, made of excellent Etafilcon A, find the ideal combination of flexibility and strength. This translates to comfortable wear throughout the day, whether you're working at your desk, hitting the gym, or going out.

Superior moisture retention (58% water content) says goodbye to dry eyes Dry eyes cause a great deal of discomfort. The Airvue Monthly Disposable lenses contain a staggering 58% water content. This helps the lenses to retain moisture incredibly effectively, leaving your eyes feeling fresh and comfortable all day. Say goodbye to the annoying sensation of dry, itchy eyes!


Increased Oxygen Permeability: Healthy eyes require oxygen! The improved Etafilcon A substance permits more oxygen to enter your cornea, improving overall eye health and lowering the chance of pain from oxygen shortage.

Sharper Vision with Asperical Design: These lenses have a revolutionary aspherical design. This reduces aberrations (distortions) that can obscure your vision, particularly at night or in low-light circumstances. What was the result? Crystal maintains excellent eyesight throughout the day, regardless of the activities.


Beyond Comfort -The Advantages of Airvue Monthly Disposables

While comfort reigns supreme, Airvue Monthly Disposable Contact Lenses provide more than simply pleasant wear:

Practical and Hygienic: These lenses are intended for monthly use and disposal, providing a practical and sanitary option. No more daily cleaning schedules!

Cost-Effective: Monthly disposables can be a more cost-effective alternative than daily disposables, particularly for people who wear contacts regularly.

Variety for Your Needs: Airvue provides a variety of monthly disposable lenses to meet individual needs, including solutions for myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism.


Embrace Freedom and Clarity with Airvue

We know the struggle of uncomfortable contact is real. But with Airvue Monthly Disposable Lenses, comfortable contact lenses are no longer a dream. Here's what you can expect:

All-day comfort: Wave goodbye to dry, scratchy eyes and experience exceptional comfort throughout the day.

Sharp, Clear Vision: Enjoy crisp, clear vision, free from distortions, for any activity.

Freedom and Confidence: Embrace the convenience of contacts without sacrificing comfort or clear vision.

Ready to ditch the discomfort and experience the Airvue difference? Talk to your eye doctor about whether Airvue Monthly Disposable Contact Lenses are right for you.

Visit your nearest Specsmakers or Airvue product page on our website to learn more and try our Airvue contact lenses today!



1. Are contact lenses comfortable?

Yes! Airvue Monthly Disposable Contact Lenses are designed for all-day comfort with advanced Etafilcon A material and high water content.


2. What causes dry eyes with contact lenses?

Dry eyes are a common issue, especially with traditional hydrogel lenses. Airvue's silicone hydrogel material allows for better moisture retention.


3. What makes Airvue Monthly Disposable Contact Lenses different?

Airvue lenses are crafted from Etafilcon A for superior comfort and flexibility. They boast a high 58% water content to combat dryness and increased oxygen permeability for healthy eyes. Additionally, the aspherical design offers sharper vision.


4. Are Airvue Monthly Disposable Contact Lenses good for dry eyes? 

Yes! The high water content and silicone hydrogel material make them a great option for those who experience dryness with traditional lenses.

5. Do Airvue Monthly Disposable Contact Lenses come in different powers?

Yes, Airvue offers a variety of monthly disposable lenses to address specific needs, including nearsightedness (myopia), farsightedness (hyperopia), and astigmatism.


Product Overview

Brand Name  Airvue By Specsmakers
Etafilcon A
Monthly Disposable Soft Contact Lenses
Water Content 58%
1 box has 6 Contact Lenses