Mother’s Day is just around the corner and here is a style guide to help you pick the right pair of eyeglasses for your mom. We are often misled that to be fashionable and being with the times is largely for the young phenomenon. There is a myth that once you are older, there aren’t too many businesses who are considering a target group and designing eyewear which suits your needs. Also, how can you risk looking yuppy or picking eyeglasses which don’t suit your age? 

Long gone are the day’s in which “women of a certain age” are condemned to boring readers and eyeglasses. Here are 5 eyeglass styles to give your mom an eyewear make-over 


Clear Frames 

Think rimless frames make you look old?  The clear frame is a chic and newer alternative with the same qualities.  They are minimalistic and trendy, and the translucent frames help enhance the skin tone and block less of your mom’s face. These clear eyeglasses make you stay classy and elegant than yuppy and young. 


The classic Jet Black 

See that this as the equivalent to the LBD in your closet. This is one style idea which never ages. While this comes in all shapes and sizes, this is the pair to go to when in doubt. Choose one in thick acetate of in lightweight ultems, in a simple rectangular shape or in rounds, depending on face types. However, there is no going wrong with this style. So go ahead and find our mom that perfect jet black frame. 



Small rounds 

Sometimes picking eyewear is largely about personal branding. A signature look to stand by for years. The glasses draw attention to your face but the face stays familiar. Small rounds provide that distinctive look that you can own. While it is disruptive, it is also comforting. Switch material and colours, however, keep the look the same. Choose from metal or acetate, or from a wide range of colours and alternate your look. 



Cay-eye styles are a comeback trend. These are the style which probably ruled faces when your mom was in her college days. Choose from a wide range of styles, the chunky thick cat-eye, the thin sharp cat-eye or the slightly rounded cat-eye. Whatever be the choice, the long history of cat-eye frames makes these most popular and the most familiar style. Choose them in tortoise colours or in simple black. This style is sure to make your mom feel younger. 



Summer is here and the temperatures are soaring. Clip-ons are functional and a smart choice. Find the perfect combination of great vision and protection from the sun by switching to a clip-on. These pairs made for great indoor and outdoor wear and are completely hassle-free. 


So this mother’s day give your mom a facelift. Choose from a wide range of styles and options to find that perfect style for your mom. This Mother’s day lets give back all that she has given us Time, Love & Care. 

Satish Ambat