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Everything you need to know about eye care during Covid-19


Everything you need to know about eye care during Covid-19

With the cases of Covid-19 increasing day by day, we have all acclimatised ourselves to the various precautions to take during these times. Masks now are an integral part of our attire and we wash our hands regularly with soap and water. However, as per a new alert by American Academy of Ophthalmology indicates that Covid-19 might cause mild follicular conjunctivitis possibly by aerosol contact with the conjunctiva. Moreover, rubbing your eyes involuntarily can also aid to the spread of Coronavirus. So to prevent exposure it is important to keep your hands away from your face and possibly while wearing a mask, also wear eyeglasses. 

Here are the few tips to protect your eyes during Covid-19

Start wearing Eyeglasses

Even if you do not wear eyeglasses currently for vision correction, it might be a good idea to pick up a pair of glasses and wear them till the epidemic subsides. A comfortable pair of eyeglasses will provide your eyes protection from you involuntarily rubbing your fingers in the eye and also from airborne infection.

Why not pick up zero powered eyeglasses with blue block lenses. Blue Zero glasses provide safety not just against the Covid-19 but also protects your eyes from harmful blue light emitted from screens of devices and help you reduce strain on your eyes and sleep better.

Get a pair of safety glasses which cover your eyes completely for outdoor use. If you find yourself constantly on the road, especially in a two-wheeler, it is important that you cover your eyes completely, while you protect your nose and mouth with a mask.

Give your contact lens a short break

While contact lenses might be your preferred option vs. eyeglasses, it is advisable to switch to glasses in a brief period. Contact lens wearers usually touch their faces more often than eyeglasses. While contact lens is more comfortable for many of you, it doesn’t physically provide protection for your eyes against airborne exposure. Moreover, it doesn’t prevent you from rubbing your eyes every now and then.

Clean your eyeglasses

Clean your glasses regularly to keep them disinfected and safe. Use a soft microfibre cloth and use cleaning liquids to wipe your eyeglasses. Visit an optician near you and get your glasses cleaned using an ultrasonic cleaner. This helps in getting all the dirt and contaminants out of the nooks and corners of your glasses.

Always keep a second pair handy

Invest in an additional pair of glasses. With longer delivery times and more retail stores being out of service, it is important to keep an extra pair of glasses always with you in case your regular pair get damaged. If you do not have a prescription handy or need an eye test, you can also pick from an array of reading glasses to correct your near vision. These are an affordable alternative in times when you cannot get your eyes checked.


It is important to take all the necessary precautions for reducing the risk of becoming infected or infecting others it is true that in such times eyeglasses are making a huge comeback. Eyeglasses now have become a necessity now even for those who are not wearing glasses.