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Blue light glasses are more than just a fad - Here's why


Blue light glasses are more than just a fad - Here's why

Are you looking for new glasses to help you enhance your personality? But doubtful about which one to buy? Check out this blog to know more. Blue light glasses are quite popular these days. But do they deserve this extra hype? Find it out yourself.


Why is blue light bad for eyes?


Blue light is also identified as High energy visible (HEV) light which is part of the normal light spectrum. The wavelength of blue light is small and thus, causes the production of a higher energy amount. 

According to research, limited exposure to blue light is not that harmful. However, exposure for a long time can lead to certain eye problems. 


Eye problems caused due to high exposure to blue light


High exposure to blue light can cause damage to the eyes. This blue light not only leads to watery, irritation, and itching in the eyes but can also cause various dangerous diseases. According to Harvard medical study points, it was found that blue light is one of the most harmful lights for the retina and can damage it. Exposure for a long time to the blue light can cause growth in the number of macular degenerations, glaucoma, and retinal degenerative diseases. 


Sources of blue light


Blue light is not only present in sunlight, but there are several other sources as well. These are computer screens, TV screens, a cellular phone, LED lighting in buildings all of these emit a high amount of blue light. But the problem is most of our time is spent on these screens only. Thus, this is where blue light glasses can come into play.


 What are blue light glasses?


In today's world, most people are working on the computer for about 6 to 8 hours. But do you know that these digital screens can emit blue light? This leads to strain in your eyes along with itching, irritation, and watery eyes. The dilemma can be resolved with the help of blue light glasses.


Blue light blocking glasses are carefully crafted blue cut lenses that help block or filter out the blue light emitted from the digital screens. They are a type of computer glasses that assist in preventing damage to your eyes. The key function of these glasses is to help to protect your eyes from strain and glare. 


Let us have a detailed look at the benefits of blue light blocking glasses.


Benefits of Blue light blocking glasses


Blue light blocking glasses can help to prevent several diseases as given below:


  • They can help to prevent eye strain, itching, and irritation.
  •  They can help prevent damage to the retina.
  • They support ciliary muscles.
  • They help prevent blurred vision, dry eyes, and neck strain.
  • They facilitate easy switching between near to distant focal ranges. 


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Wrap up


Most people use computers and mobile phones for more than half a day in this modern world. However, such a long term use of these devices can have adverse effects on your eyes. It can not only eventually make your vision weak but also damages the eye muscles. Thus, blue light glasses can help protect your eyes and facilitate clear vision.