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Accessories and care kits for Eyewear lovers


Accessories and care kits for Eyewear lovers

Eyewear, an accessory that everyone needs, it changes the whole appeal of an outfit, and makes you look sophisticated. However, problems arise when it comes to taking care of your eyewear & we know, it certainly can be daunting. Hence, we’ve curated a list of must-have accessories and care kits from Specsmakers for eyewear lovers. Read on to know why you need these accessories!

  1. Anti-Fog Cloth

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Tired of those days with foggy eyeglasses? Of wearing your mask & giving up on clear vision? Of not being able to drink a warm cup of coffee without your eyewear fogging up? 

We got you covered, try the Anti-Fog Cloth from Specsmakers, crafted using premium material it prevents fog build-up for up to 8 hours. Additionally, this reusable cloth can be used 100 times, on a wide range of lenses. Wipe your lenses with this anti-fog cloth & see the world fog-free. 


      2. Lens Cleaning Solution

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Wearing glasses on a regular basis ultimately results in stains from pollution, smudges from our fingers and an overall unclear vision. The lens cleaning solution from Specsmakers gives you a promise of clear vision. This solution effortlessly cleans eyeglasses, lenses and other delicate surfaces, like phones and other screens, making sure they remain smudge and scratch-resistant. Try this portable cleaning solution that is odourless, chemical-free and ensures clear vision.


     3. Contact Lens solution

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Switch up your everyday look with a fun pair of Airvue contact lenses from Specsmakers, additionally, ensure they are germ-free with our Contact Lens solution. Airvue contact lens solution is an essential multipurpose solution for every lens wearer today. Made with a combination of special agents, this solution effectively removes protein buildup, & ensures the lens is germ-free while retaining the moisture. This powerful solution can be used for daily cleaning, storing, lubricating and providing long-lasting moisture and comfort all day long.

These are three eye care must-haves for eyewear lovers, additionally, here are a few tips to improve eye health. 

#Tip 1- The right food

Ensure you maintain a balanced diet with food that is high in omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins C and E. These nutrients may help lower your chance of developing muscular degeneration or cataract. Green veggies, salmon, eggs and citrus fruits should be consumed too

#Tip 2- Hours on the computer? Use blue light protection glasses

If you spend a generous amount of time in front of the computer try our blue light blocking glasses. These glasses effectively block out blue-light and ensure safe vision. Available in prescription & zero-power, it is a must-have. Shop Now 

#Tip 3- Try sunglasses

Protect your eyes from harmful UV rays that increase the chances of cataract. Buy a pair of protective, stylish and comfortable sunglasses from Specsmakers. Our sunglasses are polarised and UV ray protection that allows you to on those long drives runs & other activities with a safe and stylish vision. Shop now for men, women and even kids!

Follow these tips and purchase our care kits & accessories to see clearly throughout your day. Gift our special accessories & care packages to a loved one or yourself this holiday season and ring in the good times with joy from Specsmakers! Shop this and more today.