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Is it safe to buy Spectacles online?


Is it safe to buy Spectacles online?

A lot of people seem to worry about buying Specs online. They are unsure of multiple things, starting from:

  1. Will they get good quality lenses?
  2. Will I get the same frame that I ordered or will it look different?
  3. How do I choose which lenses do I need?


And possibly several more. But Buying Specs Online is actually very easy. All you need is a prescription from your Ophthalmologist or Optometrist. Make sure the prescription has all the details like Cylindrical & Spherical power, Axis etc. mentioned. If you have any doubts about the prescription, then ask the Optometrist or Ophthalmologist and they will clarify your doubts.


Then log on to a reputed Optical store. Look for some key parameters before buying specs online.


For e.g., Check for the below:

  1. Do they deliver the Spectacles home?
  2. How long will they take to deliver?
  3. Are they a dealer or a manufacturer? After all, if they have their own fitting labs and Optometrist then you can be sure they will not compromise on quality.
  4. Do they offer any guarantee/warranty?
  5. Do they have physical stores? Just in case you need a quick service like cleaning / replacing the nose pads or lenses, etc?
  6. What is their return policy? Not that you have to start with thinking about returning the spectacles. But it is better to be sure before you buy Specs online.


All this information is available on the world wide web. Once you have done this research, visit the site. Browse the frames. Select the one that you like the best. Remember that the frames also come in different sizes. So it would be a good idea to measure the stem of your current spectacles or the distance between your eyes and the ear lobe would also be a good indicator.


The size of the stem will also decide how snugly the spectacles sit on your nose. There are generally 4 sizes. Small, medium and large. And an extra-large one for larger face shapes. Once you have selected the frame, move to the lenses section.


Again the lenses come in various thickness and coatings. In case you are looking for lightweight lenses, then look for lenses that are thinner. Might cost a bit more but the comfort is very high.


Then depending on your lifestyle, you can choose the value-added coatings. However you must add the No Scratch Coating or Scratch Resistant Coating, so the lenses stay scratch-free for its entire life and you can see clearly. In addition, if you work in front of a computer all day then you must choose the Anti Blue Light coating and possibly Anti Reflective Coating if you drive a car or a bike in the night.


Now you are ready to place your order to Buy Spectacles online. If you are still wondering where to place the order, I would recommend Specsmakers. They have a large collection of frames & lenses. They also offer a no questions asked 14-day return policy and a 1-year warranty on all frames. The best part is, their prices are extremely competitive and the quality is outstanding.


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