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Do I really need Spectacles?


Do I really need Spectacles?

Well this is a question a lot of people ask. They somehow attach some kind of a handicap with glasses. And some believe that Eye glasses make them look less attractive and so on. Actually, they are finding more reasons not to wear spectacles. That’s all.

In today’s world, Spectacles can be a fashion accessory. Something to flaunt and not necessarily a handicap to look down on.

Would you believe if we tell you that almost 60% of the World’s population needs vision correction?

WOW. That’s a huge number isn’t it? Well not really. Because most of these are minor adjustments to the vision that can be made using Spectacles.

So, when do you really need glasses? How do you decide that? The answer lies below. If you answer yes to even one of the following, it is time you visit your optometrist.

a) Are you squinting your eyes to see the score when your favourite is playing on TV?

Most times we don’t realize that we need glasses. This is because our eyes have the power to adjust and balance the vision to some extent. But when the scores in the bottom right of the TV starts to blur, it is time you take corrective action.

b) Struggling to see in the night

Most of us drive or ride to work and back. When you are driving back home, late at night, is your vision clear or are you having difficulty seeing things? If yes, it could be a sign of something amiss with your vision.

c) Eye Strain with Computers

Are your eyes feeling weary after working on a computer for long hours? Yes, it could be the computer's blue light. But it could also be something deeper or could worsen as time progresses. It is better to be safe than sorry. Computer Glasses are available even in Zero Power these days. So, protect your eyes with Computer Glasses.

d) Regular Headaches

If you are experiencing frequent headaches, it could be a sign that your cornea is unable to process the vision correctly. After all, the cornea needs to process what you see and when it is unable to do that, it overcompensates and works harder. This strains the muscles around the cornea leading to a headache. A simple Spectacles can fix this forever.

e) Double Vision

This could be an issue with the cornea or the muscles around it. And this could also be the beginning of cataract. Once again it is time to visit an eye doctor, rule out all possibilities and maybe just wear spectacles regularly.

f) Nearsightedness

You may see nearer objects very clearly but objects farther than 10 feet start becoming hazy. This is called nearsightedness or minus power. This is a sure sign that you need corrective glasses immediately. If you don’t wear spectacles regularly, this will only become worse.

g) Farsightedness

On the other hand, you are able to see things far off clearly but unable to see nearer objects, then it is called Farsightedness or plus power. Generally, this happens when you are over 40. Once again, glasses will correct this problem immediately.

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