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How to pick the right frame for your face?


How to pick the right frame for your face?

Glasses have not only become an essential tool for better vision but it has evolved into a major fashion statement too. It is safe to say that they can make or break a look. If you are thinking, "Which specs frame suits me?", we've got the answers for you! So, before buying glasses, it is important to assess your face shape and other features to bring out the best version of yourself. Finding the perfect spectacle can be quite a challenge, which is why we’ve put together different factors to consider before you shop for that perfect pair.

Understand your face shape

The first and foremost step is to know your face shape. This will help you determine which frames will enhance the look of your face and which will counteract them. Picking the right frame for your face shape is important. Let’s take a look at a few common face shapes and what kind of glass wear will suit them the most.

For a round face shape: Full cheeks, a wide forehead and a round chin are some of the prominent features of a round face. The length and the breadth of the face are essentially the same with no peculiar angles.

The best frames for a round face are ones which are horizontal and rectangular. They will help in breaking up the roundness of the face and make your face look longer by adding balance to the facial features. Avoid circular and rimless frames as these will make your face look rounder than usual.

For a square face shape: Square faces are all about angles. They have a prominent jawline, angular chin and a wide forehead giving the face a perfect square silhouette.

To complement these facial dimensions, it’s best to choose frames that soften these angles. The best frames for square faces are ones that are more curved and circular with a thin frame size. Wide frames that sit high on the bridge of the nose are also a great choice for square faces. This is will bring a good balance to your face. Avoid choosing frames with rectangular corners as they will make your face look bigger.

For an oval face shape: The oval-shaped face is considered an ideal face shape so you can pull off any style.  The length of the face is longer with prominent cheekbones and a strong chin.

Go ahead and play with your own distinctive style. If you are looking for glasses or frames with this face shape Play around with different colours and styles that are in trend, from cat-eye frames to stylish glasses. However, over-sized glasses can disrupt the proportional appearance of the face so try and stay away from those.

For a triangular face shape: Triangular faces naturally have a wide forehead and a narrow chin. They are also referred to as heart-shaped faces.

Round and square glasses with low-set temples can help you draw away focus from the narrowness of the chin. Avoid frames with heavy embellishments or any decorative element which will make your face look wider in comparison to your chin.

Match your frame with your personality

If you are wondering which glasses will suit you the best, it's not just your face shape that determines it. Your eyewear can say a lot about your personality! Whether you are a minimalist, a fashionista, an athlete or have a funky bohemian sense of fashion, there’s a frame for everyone out there. You can pick different frames and glasses for different moods. If you’re somebody who has a bold sense of style, you can opt for frames in edgy colours like yellow, neon pink or sapphire blue. If you are a person who likes to keep it stylish and trendy, you can go for distinctive designer frames with sophisticated crystal accents or geometric shapes. For a sporty look that’s functional even in the most extreme conditions, you can opt for glasses with sleek frames and polarised lenses. Nerd glasses have also become a major fashion trend in the recent years.

Contrast the frame with the skin tone

There is a wide spectrum of skin tones in the world. Apart from your face shape, your skin tone can also help you find the perfect pair of glasses. All complexions can be broadly classified into cool and warm tones. A warm complexion has a peachy, bronze or golden undertone to the skin. The most flattering frames for warm tones would be light tortoise, shades of brown, gold or honey, beige and olive green. If you happen to have a cool skin tone with pink and blue undertones, reach for frames that are black, silver, blue or mauve in colour. Neutral skin tones can pull off frames of any colour.

Glasses that suit your lifestyle

As much as eyewear helps in making a style statement, you must also choose one that is suitable for your lifestyle. Think about the activities that you will be doing while wearing the glasses. If you’re a person who spends a lot of time on the laptop, then it’s best to get anti-glare spectacles with Blu-V lenses. If you’re an athlete, choose a frame that is light-weight with a soft nose pad so that you’re comfortable wearing them for long hours.

So, it's not just about getting the best frames for different face shapes - there are many other factors to consider. To make things simpler, you can simply head out to your nearest Specsmakers outlet to get your hands on the coolest and most functional glasses that cater to every face shape, skin tone and personality.