Food for Sight - 8 Foods That Will Keep Your Eyes Healthy

There’s a famous old quote- “You are what you eat”. A healthy diet is highly recommended by all nutritionists, for the simple fact that what goes into your body shows on the outside. The interesting thing about food is that each type of consumable product gives your body a boost in a unique way, so if you are particular of improving a certain aspect of your body, the food you intake should have the qualities to enhance that. In this case, we have listed down the best foods that will keep your eyes healthy. The eyes are, of course, an essential organ of the body that is responsible for the necessary sense of sight, while also becoming a part of fashion, so taking care of your eyes is very important. Do make the following foods a part of your daily diet.
August 01, 2018 by Customer Support

How to pick the right frame for your face?

Glasses have not only become an essential tool for better vision but it has evolved into a major fashion statement too. It is safe to say that they can make or break a look. So, before buying glasses, it is important to assess your face shape and other features to bring out the best version of yourself. Finding the perfect spectacle can be quite a challenge, which is why we’ve put together different factors to consider before you shop for that perfect pair. 
July 01, 2018 by Customer Support

Improve Your Eye Sight Naturally With These Eye Yoga Poses

Today’s generation of busybodies spend half their lives staring in front of a screen; be it a computer for professional purposes or smartphone for leisure. This constant staring can directly lead to issues of vision and stress on the eyeballs. A majority of eye-related problems occur due to poor functioning of the eye muscles, so if you want healthy eyesight, you need to start a routine that helps to relax your eyes. While many artificial remedies cure eye problems, they may prove dangerous to use as you grow older; stick to the proven ancient techniques of yoga if you truly wish to care for your long term vision. Here are some of the best yoga exercises that will naturally improve your eyesight.
July 01, 2018 by Customer Support