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What are the various types of Computer glasses?


What are the various types of Computer glasses?

The world is slowly metamorphosing into a digital world. As the digital age is catching up on us, it is no surprise that we spend prolonged durations of time on digital devices. From waking up notifications to catching up on the happenings of the day by night, our lives are characterized by digital devices and staring at monitors. Spending long durations of time on digital devices might lead to computer vision syndrome. The symptoms of these include eye strain, headaches, blurred vision, dry eyes, and others. The problems commonly associated with this computer vision syndrome are:

1. Optical noise – Glare creates optical noise, which might blur the vision. A problem predominantly found with people who work on primary light sources, such as computers

2. Eye strain – High-energy wavelengths emitted by artificial light sources like fluorescent bulbs, LED screens, computers and other digital devices might result in eye strain and fatigue.

3. Dry eyes – Prolonged, concentrated viewing of computer screens typically results in less blinking. This might lead to eyes losing the moisture and you ending up with dry, irritated eyes.

4. Troubled sleep- Do you face issues when it comes to having sound sleep? Continuous exposure to blue light affects your biological clock thus affecting your sleep pattern.

5. Headaches – Frequent incidents of recurring headaches might be due to sensitivity to light and eye discomfort, that might be due to continuous exposure to blue light.

This is where computer glasses come into play. Computer glasses are eyewear with blue filters that safeguard your eyes by keeping these ill effects at bay. Computer glasses are so designed to provide the most optimal vision and comfort while using computer.

Before you decide to buy computer glasses, it is advisable to know the types of computer glasses available. Based on your need, you can choose the most ideal one. The different formats of computer glasses in the market are:

A. Zero Power lenses with Blue Block or computer glasses without power. Computer glasses without power, are coated with blue ray protection to protect your eyes. These computer glasses can be used by one and all. These computer glasses are available at Specsmakers as BluZero.

B. Computer glasses for people who have reading problems and are above 40 years of age you can opt for reading glasses with blue ray protection or blue block. These computer glasses are available at Specsmakers as BluRead.

C. If you are at the higher end of the spectrum with high powers or use prescription wear, then go for a blue ray protection coating along with your lenses. Blue lenses are completely clear. They act as a blue light filter and won’t compromise on your vision in any way. These are available at Specsmakers as BluPro lenses.

Computer glasses also boast of benefits like glare reduction, increase in contrast and multiple others. You can request to add anti reflection and anti-glare coatings to your computer glasses whilst making the purchase. You can walk into any of our stores and seek the aid of our experts there for guidance on computer glasses. You can place orders for computer glasses and get them delivered by visiting our online portal.