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Do I need Rimless glasses?


Do I need Rimless glasses?

That is the billion-dollar question the world is asking. Not now. For a long long time. For several decades now, Rimless Glasses were written off. Only to reappear as a fashion icon yet again.


So what is so great about Rimless glasses?


For one, it makes the wearer look erudite. Intellectual. And sophisticated. Someone with a lot of class. Have you ever noticed that some great men have worn rimless glasses? One great example that comes to my mind is Steve Jobs.


Secondly, Rimless glasses have no beginning and no end. This also means it lets your face be seen fully in all its glory, with no distractions from the frame. So when you have a well-contoured face why not show it off with Rimless spectacles.


Thirdly, Rimless Spectacles are actually unisex. Like they are never round or oval or square. They can take the shape of the wearer and add style to him or her.


Rimless Glasses are also lightweight. Kind of floats in the air. Therefore it also becomes very comfortable to wear. All-day long.


One of the latest in Rimless is the use of Titanium. These Titanium frames have taken Rimless glasses to another level altogether. These frames can be extended to become a straight line. Well Almost. This makes it flexible, durable and extra light.


So how many more reasons does one need to buy Rimless Spectacles?


I would say, if you want to look cool and timeless then Rimless it should be.


Visit any of the 250+ Specsmakers stores and check out the wide range of Rimless Frames. But especially ask for the Lightanium Collection made from Titanium. A sophisticated, elegant and premium collection of frames, that will you make you feel elevated.

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