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Face Shape & Sunglasses: How To Choose Sunglasses Based On Your Face Shape


Face Shape & Sunglasses: How To Choose Sunglasses Based On Your Face Shape

Choosing sunglasses that go well with your face is quite a task. We often end up asking a lot of people for their advice before we finally buy one. To become self-independent in this task, you need to first figure out the shape of your face. While all of us are beautiful in our ways, we should have a good accessorizing sense. It is an art, to be honest. Only those sunglasses look the best that help define your facial features. You can analyze your face shape by looking into the mirror or taking a selfie.


Here are some tips to help you figure out the shape of your face:

  • Round face: 

Sunglasses Full Frame Square Large

You have a round face if there is not much difference in the length and width of your face. A rounded chin without sharp angles and a smooth curved hairline. Now, you should choose the wider sunglasses. Length should be lesser than width. This will ensure that the full eye area gets covered while giving your face a longer look. Round glasses or glasses with sharp edges might fail to define your features.


  • Oval face: 

Women Sunglasses Cateye

If your face's length is slightly more than the width, you have an oval face. You can go for the wider frames, like the cat eye, and the aviator will wonderfully define your features. Also, keep in mind not to go for glasses that are too wide. It will be bigger than the width of your face and will not fit well. 


  • Square face:

Unisex Sunglasses Round Glasses

You have a square face if the length of the face and width are almost identical. Chin is broad with sharp edges, and the cheekbones and forehead are parallel. The hairline is almost straight. The only frame you should not go for is square ones. Go for a round or cat's eye sunglasses.


  • Rectangular face:

Sundown Unisex Sunglasses pilot

If your face's length is greater than the width, you have a rectangular face. The forehead, cheekbones, and jawline are equal. The hairline is almost straight. It is similar to a square face; just that length is longer. Go for round-framed glasses, aviators, or oversized glasses.


  • Heart face:

Unisex Sunglasses Full Frame Pilot

For a heart-shaped face, the chin is the narrowest part of the face, and the forehead is the widest part. It makes an inverted triangle, gradually decreasing the width from the forehead to down the chin. You can go for round glasses, aviators, narrow bridged or frameless glasses.


  • Triangular face:

Kids Sunglasses Full Frame Cateye

You have a triangular face if the length is slightly more than the width. Your chin is broad, with a gradual decrease upwards in the cheekbones and forehead. Cat eyes and rounded frames go best with this face type. Avoid square frames and cat eyes with dark frames.


Now that you are done with task 1, you need to find good stores where you can buy them. 

There are many online stores that sell sunglasses for girls and sunglasses for kids girls. You can choose from thousands of frame designs. They have smart frame recommendations based on the shape of your face. Plus, the easy returns and exchange are an added advantage.


The things you should look for in your online seller:


  • Customer support: Ensure that they reply to you. If not, you might want to reconsider, because in case you want to exchange or return them, a messy situation might occur.
  • Smart recommendations: Almost every website now has this technology of frame recommendations, but go for the ones you think are giving recommendations based on your face shape and not random shuffling.
  • Standard measurement: The best sunglasses for girls can only be the best when the sizing is correct. Find a website that makes it easy for you to choose the correct size. 


If you follow these tips, you are bound to end up with a good pair. We, at Specsmakers meet the criteria mentioned above and have the perfect range of sunglasses to suit all face types. Find a pair of good sunglasses at Specsmakers and up your style game.