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Specsmakers Charms: The go-to accessory for your Kid’s Eyewear

by Narayanan G

Specsmakers Charms: The go-to accessory for your Kid’s Eyewear

Wearing spectacles seemed to be a punishment for a child. While some felt confident with their appearance, the others not so much. Children detest wearing spectacles because they felt it was not cool! I am sure a lot of you, as parents, must have faced the dilemma of broken specs or the excuses of it being lost. The good news is you will never have to face these issues anymore and plus your child will plead & demand for these eyeglasses.

We have a new introduced an absolutely stunning collection, called Specsmakers Charms, exclusively for kids. With customization of fictional, colorful figures incorporated with the regular eyewear, your child will want to wear specs and never get rid of them.

The charms product collection is designed for two segments:

1. Girl’s eyewear for age of 5 to 14 years
2. Boy’s eyewear for age of 5 to 14 years.


Here’s the best-selling collection for girls:

1. The ‘I am craving for Doughnut’ Charm,

Eye glasses for Kids

This spectacle comes in hot pink color along with a doughnut shape, on one side. If your child is a fan of eating doughnuts, then this is the eyewear for you. It’s lightweight Silicon Rubber eyewear. Best part is, it won’t break easily and is sweat absorbent.

2. The Horse Charm


The Horse eyewear is every princess’s dream. It comes in a pastel blue color with the horse figurine on the left side. It’s made up of Silicon Rubber with plastic rims. 

3. The Rainbow Charm

You can see a rainbow on very rare occasions. Make your child feel special with the beautiful Rainbow charm. It’s sturdy and has a good aesthetic feel attached to it.

4. The Pink Mouse Charm

Get the specs to match up your daughter’s inner notorious personality. The color of the frame is of light pink and the charm is of hot pink color with a black bow-tie.

5. The Snow Flake Charm

This Snow Flake Charm comes in Ice Blue color with pastel yellow frame. Make your princess feel cool with this ice-y-blue snow charm.

Here’s the best-selling collection for boys

1. The Joystick Charm

Get this Joystick charm to portray your son’s playful demeanor. It comes in purple color made up of Silicon Rubber.

2. The Basketball Charm

Make your boy feel like Kobe Bryant and get him this charm. This eyewear comes in a vibrant green frame with orange colored basketball charm, that can be attached to either side of the frame.

3. The Rocket Charm 


If your son is fascinated about the space then get him this Rocket Charm to help him to succeed in his goals. It comes in vibrant green color frame with White and Red colored Rocket charm.

4. The Bat Charm

Get your child his very own Bat-eyewear which comes in a vibrant green color. It will simply rock.

5. The Pumpkin Charm


Get your child this Pumpkin Charm to bring out his everlasting Halloween mood. Let them enjoy and amuse each other.

 All these fun collectibles for kids eyewear -  Specsmakers Charms are available on our company’s website.

Visit us at and happy shopping!



1. What are Specsmakers Charms?

Specsmakers Charms is a new collection of eyeglasses for children ages 5 to 14, designed to make wearing glasses fun and stylish. Each pair comes with a colorful, character-based charm attached to the frame.

2. Are Specsmakers Charms durable?

Yes, Specsmakers Charms are made from lightweight, sweat-absorbent silicone rubber with plastic rims for added sturdiness.


3. Will my child break their Specsmakers Charms easily?

The silicone rubber material is designed to be more resistant to breaking than traditional glasses frames.


4. What age groups are Specsmakers Charms for?

Specsmakers Charms come in two designs: girls' eyewear (ages 5-14) and boys' eyewear (ages 5-14).


5. What kind of charms are available for girls?

There are five charm designs for girls: Doughnut, Horse, Rainbow, Pink Mouse, and Snow Flake.


6. What kind of charms are available for boys?

There are five charm designs for boys: Joystick, Basketball, Rocket, Bat, and Pumpkin.