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High Power is not equal to Thick Lenses


High Power is not equal to Thick Lenses

Most of the times a person with High Power can be spotted a mile away. After all High Power Lenses are thick lenses.


Well, not anymore. You don’t need to wear thick lenses even if you have high power. Technology has come to a long distance in making Thin Lenses even for high prescription power.


Gone are the days when people with high power, wear thicker lenses and along with it wear a sense of being an odd one out in the group. But now, these very same people can wear thin lenses and not just lose the thickness of their lens but also lose their sense of being the odd one out.


So what is the difference between Thin Lenses and Regular lenses?


To start with material that is used to make the lenses. Regular lenses are normally made in glass making them thicker and heavier. Even Plastic lenses continued to be thicker. Nowadays, these lenses are made using Polycarbonate material. This makes the lenses thinner.


Secondly, the weight of the lenses is completely different. Like chalk and cheese. Regular Lenses made from glass or Plastic is generally heavier. Thin Lenses or High Index lenses are lighter.


Thirdly, the comfort factor. Regular lenses are heavy and very uncomfortable for someone who has to wear them all day. On the other hand, Thin Lenses are extremely comfortable because it is lightweight and can be worn all day long.


Lastly, the Thin lenses also reduce the distortion of the images one sees.


Overall, thin lenses are for people who have high power and a need to wear spectacles all day long. Feel comfortable and confident, all day long.


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