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Caring for Children’s Eyes in the era of Online Learning


Caring for Children’s Eyes in the era of Online Learning

Corona Virus is here to stay. We mean the virus itself may be eradicated and the only question is by when? But the effects of this Corona Virus is going to be around for a long time to come. Some are even predicting that, our lives will never be the same again.

Let’s us just think about our children. They go to school, sit very close to each other, eat from each other’s lunch box, play together, roll on the ground together and more. That is what the joy of growing up is all about. But all of a sudden, they are told that they can’t even step out of their homes, leave alone going to school. They can’t even play inside the apartment compound, so the question of rolling on the school ground together with a classmate is out of question.

Instead they are being forced to learn online. So they walk out of the bedroom to the study room and they have reached their classroom. The teacher is on screen – Laptop, Smart Phone, Tablet and even in some cases the TV with screen mirroring from their mobile phones.

So what’s wrong, you may ask? A lot would be the answer. Here are some areas to focus, to protect and prevent eye damage.


The child’s sitting posture may not be right. If the screen is not at 10 to 30 degree angle, then they tend to slouch and their posture starts getting compromised.

Constant Staring:

Children tend to blink less frequently, when they are constantly staring at the screen. So, get them to make a conscious effort to blink frequently. It refreshes the eyes and improves focus.

Duration of Online Classes:

An ideal session is about 20 -30 mins. A 10 min break at the end of a session is recommended, where the child is completely away from the screen.

Light from digital devices:

The bright lights of theses digital devices is bad enough. They emit blue rays that can harm a child’s eyesight. In some cases, permanently. And then, kids tend to go closer to the screen. That is in their nature. Now the Blue Rays are even more stronger and can do more damage.

You can help them with some of these pointers. For eg:

 a) Distance from the monitor: 

You can set up the monitor at about 1 metre distance and at an angle that will be comfortable for them to see. This will help prevent neck pain for the kids.

b) Screen Brightness:

You can adjust the brightness on the screen. So it is not too bright to hurt the eye and neither should be too dark for the kids to peer into the screen.

c) Bigger Screen: 

A larger screen will definitely help. That will make it easier for children to see things clearly.

d) Protection for the eye: 

And finally, get them Blue Zero Computer Glasses if they do not wear prescription glasses or if they do, get them Anti Blue-Light or BLUPRO Computer Glasses. These Computer Glasses will block 98% of the Blue Light from these digital devices and help the kids to see better without any glare or fear of eye damage.

These Kids Blue Zero or Children’s Computer glasses are easily available off the shelf or you can also order these Kids Computer Glasses online. Retail chains like Specsmakers have a good collection of these Blue Zero or Computer glasses. They have different colours, shapes and sizes of Computer Glasses, so kids will love them. Walk into any Specsmakers store or you can order Kids Computer Glasses online here.

While the kids are already compromised on their school days & camaraderie, you as responsible parents need not compromise on their eye sight too. Protect their eyes with Blue Zero or Kids Computer Glasses starting today. Gift them Computer Glasses now. 

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