Have you ever wondered why you are unable to see the oncoming traffic from the opposite side in the night? And especially in the highways?


Welcome to the world of reflection.


Have you ever taken a selfie standing with the light behind you? Try it sometime. What essentially happens is that the flash from the camera and the light behind you reflect each other and the selfie becomes a ball of light with no clarity.


Similarly, when we drive in the night, it doesn’t matter if we are driving a two-wheeler or a car when light with high luminosity hits our eyeglasses, our spectacles will reflect that light if it does not have Anti Reflective Coating.  This essentially impairs vision for a few seconds.


Sounds Dangerous right?


On the other hand, when the spectacles have an Anti Reflective Coating, then over 90% of the light is deflected away from your eyes making your vision clearer and sharper. As always.


So if the question is that do we need Anti-reflective Lenses only when driving at night, then think again. Is that the only time you are seeing light from the opposite side?


Laptops, Computers, Television, Mobile Phones et al throw light at us all the time. If the light that comes from these devices are not reflected away then the picture will not look sharp. So it is a good idea to get an Anti Reflective Coating every time you buy glasses.


Anti-Reflective Lenses are also called Anti-Glare lenses, ARC lenses and so on. The name can be different but the effect it has on your sight is the same. Anti-Reflective Coating is a thin layer that is placed on your lenses when they are manufactured to virtually remove all the reflection from the front and the back of the lenses to give you sharper, clearer vision at all times.


Almost all opticians offer this as a value add when you buy your spectacles. The cost of adding this Anti-reflective coating also varies from optician to optician. The one place I found it to be reasonable in terms of cost as well provides good quality is Specsmakers. Check them out, next time when you are looking to buy glasses.



Satish Ambat