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How to care for your Contact Lenses?


How to care for your Contact Lenses?

Contact Lenses are convenient, but need utmost care like your eyes. They stay inside your eyes which rarely can be noticed and moves along with your pupils to give comfortable vision. However, Contact Lenses need a lot of care. If not, these lenses can harm your eyes in more ways than one.

Follow these steps and your eyes and the lens for your eyes will always be clear.

a) Don’t Sleep with your Contact Lenses:

Research has proved that sleeping with Contact Lenses can increase the chance of eye infection by almost 8 times.

b) Wash & Dry your hands before handling the lenses for your eyes:

Some Users, especially women do a lot of chores like cooking and feeding children. And they tend to wear the contact lenses immediately after this. This is definitely a no. One needs to wash their hands with soap, dry them with a cotton cloth before handling Contact Lenses. Otherwise, some residual minute particles might get into the eyes and irritate your eyes and also become a cause of infection.

c) Do not keep your contact lenses near water:

Water & Contact Lenses do not go together. Even a droplet of water can carry bacteria and infect your eyes.

d) Clean your Contact Lenses every day:

Use the Contact Lens cleaning solution to clean your contact lenses. Ideally pour the special cleaning solution in the contact lens case and then remove your contact lenses and gently place them inside overnight. It will be clean and ready to use the next morning, when you wake up.

e) Keep your Contact Lens case clean:

The Contact Lens case needs to be clean. Do not use soap & water to clean the case. Instead use the Contact Lens solution and rub them with your hands to clean it.

f) Keep a pair of eyeglasses always:

Well, there are always emergencies. You may be away from your home for longer than you expected. And Contact Lenses tend to dry your eyes when worn for a long time. At these times, instead of suffering through dry eyes, it would always be prudent to switch to your eyeglasses. Or keep another pair of contact lens if you can, and switch them.

g) Do not use Contact Lenses beyond its expiry date:

Most contact lenses have a duration of use. Some are Daily disposables, Weekly Disposables, Bi-monthly and Monthly disposables. Do not stretch them beyond the stipulated limit.

Importantly wear only reputed & trusted contact lenses. Check if the contact lenses have higher moisture content to keep your eyes moist & fresh even after several hours. Airvue Contact Lenses from Specsmakers offer high moisture content & maximum comfort. These lenses are available for prescription wear with Transparent (Clear) color option. You can choose from a wide range of color options in Zero Power. To buy, click here

Remember Contact Lenses add convenience. But they can also become cumbersome if not cared for. Keep your contact lenses fresh and they will keep your eyes fresh.