This December, with the holiday season and Christmas right around the corner, one can certainly feel the holiday spirits rise. With the winter air greeting us, the chorus of carols, and awaiting the new year, this is undoubtedly a season that everyone looks forward to. However, this season can be stressful too, especially if you’re running around to find the perfect gift for your loved ones. So we did all the research for you and found the perfect holiday gift for either your secret Santa, family, or friends. Get on the holiday spirit, and give your loved one the promise of safe vision with computer glasses from Specsmakers and ensure that this Holiday season is indeed special.

What are Computer Glasses and why are they the perfect gift?

2020 has changed the way people see and do things, one being the majority of us working or studying from home, which directly results in spending extended periods of time in front of digital screens. 

Blue light is a spectrum of light that is mainly found in light from the sun but is also present in different types of screens. Exposure to this light for long durations causes eye strain, red eyes, and other eye concerns.

With Indians spending increasing amounts of time in front of digital screens, are eyes faced with both long-term and short-term effects like:  

  • Disturbed sleep patterns
  • Headaches
  • Sore neck and shoulders
  • Light sensitivity
  • Blurred vision
  • Dry eyes
  • Red or sore eyes

      The most prominent effect of blue light is its effect on our sleeping patterns as studies have shown that humans take longer to fall asleep and remain asleep for the right amount of time too. 

      How do computer glasses work? 

      Computer glasses are our modern-day superheroes. They protect our eyes from harmful lights that are essentially all around us and improve our overall eye health. 

      According to a study conducted by the University of Houston College of Optometry, people who use computer glasses at night have a 58% increase in melatonin, also known as the sleep regulation hormone, compared to those who expose themselves to screens at night without using the glasses.

      Along with an increase in sleep, these glasses filter out the harmful blue light and enhance vision, eye health and reduce any discomforts like eye strain, red eyes, etc. With kids spending extended hours in front of screens due to classes and assignments, working professionals and older people too are seen hung onto the digital screen even more than usual during the pandemic.  

      Computer glasses: The perfect holiday gift  

      With computer glasses diminishing the effects of excess blue light exposure, anyone, especially during the year 2020 can benefit from them. Additionally, with our Bluezero glasses, protect your sight from harmful blue light, and comfortably use digital screens even without having a prescription from a series of stylish frames. Our Blupro glasses protect your eyes especially from harmful blue light and are available in your required prescription and style. 

      Gift these glasses to your loved ones and let them binge watch Netflix guilt-free, help them work easy, or even study with no eye-strain. Not only are computer glasses a gift of health, but with designer pieces from Specsmakers, they are perfectly stylish too. 

      This December, give our exclusive computer glasses to your loved one with a special offer. Embrace all of the lights this season, including the one from your digital screen, and celebrate an optically safe Christmas. Use code STR1220DE990 and shop two eyeglasses for the price of one from Specsmakers!

      Sindhu M