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With the marketplace churning out an umbrella of spectacle frames, choosing the perfect eye frame ought to be an exuberant experience.But picking the right spectacle frame tends to get muddled, with umpteen choices out there. A walk through the showcase of various types of spectacle frames available, should serve as a preview of what might fit you.


A spectacle frame that combines the best of slick and swag, this frame furnishes one with an astute look. Setting the tone of a stylishly smart one who has always got his way figured out, this frame should be a starrer for the brainy ninjas. It would serve as a perfect fit for those with a chiseled jaw.


Planning to slip into the PussyCat Doll look.Then, this one should be on the top of your list. A stylishly sassy fit for completing this look, these spectacle frames mix the crispy bold look with that of the angular one and does it with elan. With the angles being softer and more refined, the edgy look that it lends is an ideal fit for curvy faces. They have gained so much ubiquity in the last few years that fashion icons think of them as a staple.Take flight in these exaggerated wing-shaped spectacle frames that add a funky spin.


These classic eye frames will never cease to be out of fashion. Unveiling a look of might, determination and sheer will, they are a meditative celebration of the power that is born out of respect and a spirited reflection of class that rails with elegance. These eye frames are ideal for heart shaped faces as they mimic and not contrast your face shape.To top it off, these unisex frames net the sophisticated look with ease.


These amigos are all about making a loud statement. Like those made from the rooftops. These guys just hit the spotlight and call attention to themselves. Overwhelming your face, they look ideal with neat outfits and in all totality jazz up a casual ensemble. They also squeeze in a splash of the nerd-like innocent look.


Remixing vintage with a tinge of the chic look, these spectacle frames feature a deep cut bridge and highlight sharp features. They are ideal for those with cheeks that outline the cheekbones. They have crisp, brow bars that when coupled with drooping temples complete the unique look. Pin it up and amp the surprise factor.


Block printed with olive-colored textures, these spectacle frames render a modern take on how the fancy blitz style can immediately grab eyeballs, making it tough to ignore. Get these up and splash a style.

By no way, is this all-encompassing, exhaustive list and we are just now getting started. Catch up with the second part of this series, on this space. And please do walk into any of our stores, if any of these spectacle frames interest you.