Eyes can speak. If eyes can speak, so can the glasses. Glasses exude an image that speaks about the tone, mood and personality. Rimless glasses not only stand out but also showcase/epitomize/ reflect a certain personality that makes you stand out. Frames are made from a multitude of materials and now Titanium frames have grabbed the spotlight. Titanium is a metal prominently used for aircrafts and automotive and them being used in eyewear is a sign of technological advancements that the eyewear industry has witnessed. This advancement has delivered on a few stand-out traits and here are a few of these:


Titanium rimless eye glasses can sustain more damage than any other eyeglasses. Specsmakers Titanium Rimless glasses are made of titanium that infuses a tensile strength and resilience that renders them durability, flexibility and the ability to last long.

Light & comfortable

The Titanium rimless eye glasses are feather light compared to full rim frames and they receive thinner and lighter lenses even for high power prescriptions. They do not possess that over bearing effect that other frames have on our face and are hence more comfortable.

The look

If you like to keep your look as natural and minimalistic as possible, then Titanium rimless glasses is the way to go with. They have the ability to effuse intelligence and class in any outfit, and reflect a contemporary fashion. They inspire a sense of intellect, maturity and aristocracy.

Rimless glasses are for everyone

We have discussed in our earlier blogs about the types of frames and glasses suitable for different face shapes. Titanium rimless glasses go well with everyone and any face shape. They neither pronounce nor hide the face shape. Rimless glasses go along with and supplement any look with a subtle finish.

Frames that don’t block the view

Lightanium, the titanium rimless glasses from Specsmakers come with no borders. Since they have no rims, there is no obstruction of your view. Thus your peripheral vision becomes wider and clearer.


Frames that are made of other metals may rust when they are exposed to water or over time. This leads to frequent replacement of frames which is cumbersome and exhausting. But with Titanium that is rust-resistant, you can prevent this. Titanium rimless frames do not get affected when they come in contact with water, perspiration or moisture. Even if left in a humid environment, they don’t succumb to any oxidization, which is the cause of corrosion.

Skin friendly

Titanium is skin-friendly and causes no irritation to your skin, even when worn for long hours because they are hypoallergenic. This makes Titanium rimless glasses ideal for people who have sensitive skin or are sensitive to certain metals.

Wear the rimless glasses with confidence and there will be nil disappointments when you merge with the rimless trend. Walk into any of our Specsmakers stores and try out our Lightanium glasses – Specmakers own range of Titanium rimless glasses.