Eye Horoscope: How Does Your Zodiac Sign Influence Your Eyewear Fashion

Are you feeling lucky today? If so, your daily Horoscope may have given you an extra moral boost. It's become common practice for many people to check on their Horoscopes; their day-to-day tasks are defined by what they read. While Horoscopes do give you a sneak peak on the most probable events of the day and how best to enact on them, Horoscopes never say how good you have to look while taking on such events. Unknown to many, even the fashion choices you make can be heavily influenced by Horoscopes. Sunglasses are one such accessory that syncs perfectly with Horoscopes. If you are on the lookout for the best eyewear to complement your look, here is what you must choose based on your Zodiac Sign.
July 01, 2018 by Customer Support

Improve Your Eye Sight Naturally With These Eye Yoga Poses

Today’s generation of busybodies spend half their lives staring in front of a screen; be it a computer for professional purposes or smartphone for leisure. This constant staring can directly lead to issues of vision and stress on the eyeballs. A majority of eye-related problems occur due to poor functioning of the eye muscles, so if you want healthy eyesight, you need to start a routine that helps to relax your eyes. While many artificial remedies cure eye problems, they may prove dangerous to use as you grow older; stick to the proven ancient techniques of yoga if you truly wish to care for your long term vision. Here are some of the best yoga exercises that will naturally improve your eyesight.
July 01, 2018 by Customer Support

Try before you buy: The 4 step process to finding the perfect spectacle at home

People generally recognise you by your face, and that makes the glasses you sport a part of your identity. Your spectacles can help people see who you really are or help perpetuate the image you want. Whether you are sporty, fun-loving, sophisticated or mysterious, the key lies in choosing the right spectacles to match your personality and lifestyle. Not only that, but your glasses should also afford you with optimal vision.

But finding the perfect pair of glasses takes time, and with our busy lifestyles, it becomes challenging to head to a store and spend time looking through every single option.

June 01, 2018 by Customer Support

Beat the heat with these new age 2-in-1 glasses

It’s always sunny in Philadelphia, but even more so in Chennai. Our city is known for having four seasons – summer, summer, summer and more summer. One everyday accessory that is mandatory during the summer months is a pair of sunglasses. But what about people who wear prescription glasses? Carrying a separate pair of sunglasses can be cumbersome. However, that’s a thing of the past. Enter clip-on sunglasses – the convenient counterpart to your usual black shades.

Essentially, clip-on sunglasses can be clipped on to and off the frames of your prescription glasses. They come with a clear magnet that attaches itself to your prescription glasses. There are no visible clips. They also come with magnetic metal frames and hence can’t be used with plastic frames.

April 01, 2018 by Customer Support

Prolonged use of laptop and mobile? Here's how you can protect your eyes

Whether you are working, studying or just relaxing, most of our activities today revolve around staring at screens – be it a laptop, tablet or smartphones. In fact, you’re reading this post on a digital screen. Case in point.

If your eyes start to feel dry and tired or if you get a head ache at the end of the day, then the culprit is your digital devices. All these symptoms point to a unique affliction that plagues the modern era – computer vision syndrome.

It doesn’t take long for these symptoms to show considering the hours we spend in front of multiple screens. Fortunately, there are some checks you can put in place to minimise the damage our constantly glowing screens do to our eyes. Here are a few of them!

March 01, 2018 by Customer Support

Here’s Why You Should Use BluPro Lenses

Do your eyes start hurting after you’ve sat in front of the computer screen for too long? Your eyes are constantly exposed to light throughout the day, but there’s one kind in particular that has proven to be very damaging for your eyesight: blue light. Blue light is present in almost every light source we come across, from our laptop screens to LED fixtures. Studies have shown that over time, this light can cause irreversible damage to your vision. Since blue light is almost inescapable, it is one of the most common reasons for eye injuries. Blue lenses are specially developed to combat these harmful effects of blue light by acting as a protective shield. If you’re wondering whether you should switch out your regular lenses for blue lenses, here’s everything you should know first.
December 01, 2017 by Customer Support

How to Take Care of Your Eyes This Diwali

Diwali is the festival of lights, but far too often, it’s also the festival of emergency room visits. Displays of fireworks can be beautiful, but if not done carefully, can cause serious injuries. Your eyes are one of the most vulnerable parts of your body, especially around fireworks. Eye injuries actually account for one of the highest number of hospital visits. Serious injuries to your eyes can result in partial or complete loss of vision, so it’s important you take care of them. Here are a few tips to help you keep your eyes safe this festive season.
November 08, 2017 by Customer Support

5 things your eyes can tell you about your health

Eyes can tell a story better than the tongue. They are not just a window to your soul but they also offer a peek into your health. Changes in the colour, structure, texture and vision of your eyes can reveal a myriad of information about your health. Read on to know how your eyes can inform you of your health condition.
November 01, 2017 by Customer Support

Digital dilemma: How new-age gadgets are affecting your child's eyesight

In today’s digital era, it’s common to spot a parent hand over a smartphone to a toddler to gain a few precious minutes of peace. These gadgets are emerging as virtual nannies that keep children engaged with vibrant videos and games, while the parents go about their daily chores. But, have you ever thought how much harm you are doing to your little one’s eyes? Read on to get a closer insight into the negative effects of electronic gadgets and the different ways of managing children's consumption of electronic devices.
July 04, 2017 by Customer Support

5 Most Common Eye Injuries and How to Treat Them

Your eyes are arguably the most vulnerable part of your body, however, most of us don’t treat them that way. We rub them relentlessly, sleep with our contacts on and do many more unspeakable things to them. Being careless about our eye health can result in injuries which are as painful as they are dangerous. While some eye injuries are only superficial and aren’t a cause for concern, others need immediate medical attention. To help you decide how to take care of your eyes, here are five common eye injuries along with ways to treat them.
July 01, 2017 by Customer Support