Progressive Lenses

  • Classic progressive lenses are for beginners who opt from single vision/bi-focal to a multi-focal vision. These lenses come without any visible marking on the lenses for distance and basic reading purpose. With its 12mm aspherical lenses, flat on the front side, users can use digital gadgets without any basic difficulties.

  • Advance progressive lenses are for intermediate users who use more of computers related work and readers, with its wider vision on both aspects users can adapt in much lesser time.

  • With the help of digitisation, performance progressive lenses have wider vision with lesser distortion which helps users adaptation rate much higher than any other lenses.

  • Digitally processed lenses for higher wider vision in all three focal points such as Distance, Intermediate & Near. Customisation to the user preference helps them to have vision without any hassle or jumping effect between focal points.

  • Diamond cut, 100% digitised and pure aspherical lenses which are tailor made for every individual’s needs on all three focal points covering Distance, Intermediate & Near. iPal lenses are most preferred with progressive users for the best in comfort and zero tolerance.