Your vision is our top priority and our aim is to fulfil your visual needs and satisfaction. We have a wide selection of lens options that are thinner, lighter, scratch-resistant and safer. Specsmakers carries one of an exhaustive range of lens options providing our customers with superior combination of comfort, safety, accuracy and cosmetic.

We offer a choice of Single Vision Distance, Single Vision Reading, Bifocal and Progressive lenses. Specsmakers as a brand are pioneers in providing Sunglasses made to ones prescription.

Contact lenses
  • Single Vision Prescription Lenses can be used for distance eyeglasses, reading glasses and prescription sunglasses. Our distance single vision prescription lenses range from 1.56 index regular thin lens up to 1.74 Ultra high index lenses.
Eva - BiFocals
  • Bifocals prescription lens that combine two different powers, are prescribed to aid both near and far vision in one pair of lenses. Usually the lower part of the lens is to help you to see clearly at close distances and the upper part is to aid in focusing at far distances.
Eva - Progressive
  • Progressive Lenses are also called No-Line Bifocal or Multifocal. These lenses combine distance lens and reading lens in one lens. Progressive lenses are the best choice to correct Presbyopia. Progressives help you look and feel better and keep the world guessing about your age.

At Specsmakers, we have been constantly experimenting with eyewear lenses to bring out the best possible solution for any sort of vision need. Our lenses are highly durable and scratch resistant, and come in 3 major categories: Single vision lenses- for reading and viewing distant objects, Bi-focal lenses for near and far vision, and Progressive lenses- to rectify issues of presbyopia. We also have a range of coloured and power contact lenses and sunglass lenses