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Which are the best eyeglasses for round faced women?


Which are the best eyeglasses for round faced women?

There is a bit of science behind choosing the right eyeglasses that fit your face. And there is nothing that tops the joy of getting that science right. The right pair of eyeglasses not only make the right fit but also accentuate the natural persona and add that definitive edge.

Many people find it confusing as to what separates the face shapes from each other. They often find that a face never belongs to one type and falls in between round and diamond-shaped, oval and oblong, and so on. A round face features curved lines with identical width and length. Also, if your cheekbones are prominently visible and your face doesn’t boast any distinctively angular features, then most likely you have a round face.

What are the ideal eyeglasses for round faces? Although there is no singular answer that is universal, here are a few eyeglasses that we think might make it to the list and one eyeglass that makes it to the top.

Option 1 - Browline Eyeglasses

Semi-rimless eyeglasses with an under pronounced bottom make good eyeglasses for round faced women. They might not add a lot of angles, but they add a balance to forge the illusion of length. Slip on these eyeglasses and ace that stylized yet streamlined look.

Option 2 - Oversized Eyeglasses

Larger, thick eyeglasses that don’t come off strong blend in a structure to a soft-featured round face. To make your big sized eyeglasses stand out from the crowd choose a pair of plain colored thick-rimmed eyeglasses that are very much in. 

Nominee 3 – Navigators

The navigators, also known as aviators are ideal eyeglasses for round faces. They have a more predominant look about them and if you are a woman who can carry off the cheeky look, get behind these without any worries.

Close to Perfection - Rectangular & Square shaped eyeglasses

They are the ready go to option if you are too confused about the right eyeglasses for a round face. Styles like the Wayfarer feature wider frames that add more of a balance to your soft features. They are a safe bet and bound to work as they enhance your face and even make it appear longer and slimmer. Squared eyeglasses are quirky, fashionable and elude that sporty look.

Rectangular eyeglasses make a right fit for even the roundest and completely circular faces. Since wide frames aid to section the face, rectangle shaped eyeglasses are the go to eyeglasses for round faces that need extra contouring.

Cat eye glasses – Perfect choice

Our choice for the top spot might emulate the Audrey Hepburn’s win at multiple awards for Roman Holiday. An apparent choice for the top spot, cat eye glasses annex an upswept focus point that elongate the shape of the face. Upswept frames flatter a round face as they make it more contoured. They make a style statement by lifting the visage and tend that slimed down look.

Nowadays, cat eye glasses tend to be more rounded off. But the original 50s Cat eye glasses were thinner and more angular, thanks to the big swoop look on the temple designed to accentuate the cheekbones. Cat eye glasses became popular, especially amongst women, after Audrey Hepburn wore them in `The Breakfast at Tiffany’.

“Do cat eye glasses have a style of their own? Do cat eye glasses add a personality” - A resounding yes—thanks to fashion that kept it alive through the decades.

Which eyeglasses amongst these impress you? Feel that it would be better to try on a few of these eyeglasses before buying. Then walk into any of our stores to see which one would fit you the best.