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Square Eyeglasses Frames

You can’t square up against our fashionable square framed eyeglasses! Our square eyeglasses go with any face type and outfit and you would still never get bored of it. Choose from our different varieties we have to offer. Our square eyeglasses are available for men, women and kids too. Made to cater to your individual liking, these square glasses also come in full frame and half frame models. Simply choose any model, and pick it in your favourite colour too! These square eyeglasses come in different shades off black, brown, pink and blue and many more. It especially comes in matte and shine option, and you can choose the look and feel of your glasses, whether it is gunmetal shine or red matte. The square eyeglasses also come in the happster and peepster collections, based on whether you would prefer the adult or child variations. Take a look at our square framed glasses exclusively made for you only at Specsmakers. Come visit any of our stores or head to the Specsmakers to shop for your square frame eyeglasses today!