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Trendy kids eyeglasses to keep your little one stylish


Trendy kids eyeglasses to keep your little one stylish

For most of the kids, wearing spectacles can be a tedious activity. But, as a responsible parent, apart from correcting your child’s eyesight, it is also important to pick an attractive frame to enhance the overall visual experience of your child. While picking the right frame for your kids, it is advisable to keep the following pointers in mind:

  • The shape of the kid's eye frame should be proportional to the shape of the face.
  • The size of the frame must be in total sync with the size of the face.
  • The colour of the kid's eye frames must match the facial features of your kid. For instance, if your kid is blue-eyed, picking up a blue or a black eye frame would be a great idea.

If you are looking to a pick a frame that best suits your kid’s personality, here are a few trendiest kids eye glasses that you need to explore to make your little one feel chic and stylish:

Walnut eye frames

Walnut kids eye frames are an evergreen eyewear trend that can bring out the interesting features of your child’s face. If your child has an oval face, then these retro style frames would be a great choice. This type of eye frame not only makes your child look smarter but also provides adequate comfort and protection for their eyes. Another striking aspect of walnut frames is that it is neither narrow nor broad. If you want to make your child look like a rockstar, then there is no better option than the square tortoise full frames from Specsmakers. 

Little scholar eye frames

This type of kids eyeglasses is suitable for children who are 10 years and above. Bold, daring and creative are the few attributes associated with little scholar eye frames. When it comes to the eye wear industry, this is yet another contemporary style that is a perfect blend of style and comfort. This type of kids eye glasses is ideal to sport a nerdy look. Since they are rectangular in shape, they are perfect for round faces.  Black matt square frames from Specsmakers is a great option to make your child look smarter like never before.

Fashionta eye frames

Looking something for little fashiontas and trendsetters? Cat eye kids eye frames are the best choice for your child. Children are known for spunk, and there is no way that a vision related issue could stop them living their life in their terms. What makes angular cat eye frames so unique is that it provides a perfect balance for your child’s cute face. When it comes to their framework, they are quite slim as well as deep. Also, these kids eyeglasses have the ability to accentuate the beautiful features of your child, especially their cheekbones and long nose. If your child is a fashionista, grab a pair of round tortoise purple matt frames from Specsmakers today!

Colour pop eye frames

There is no better way to make your child happy than gifting her a pair of colour pop kids eye glasses. From, pink and yellow to purple and green, there are a pool of colours that you can choose from based on your child’s tastes and preferences. The best part of colour pop kids eyeframes is that it is suitable for children of all age groups. Children love flaunting bright coloured clothes and what can be a better accessory than a pair of vibrant and eyecatchy eyeglasses for your child. The purple matt peepstar kids eyeframes from Specsmakers is a perfect choice that will make you go ‘awww’.

Cool blue square frames

When it comes to experimenting with trendsetters, cool blue is yet another stylish eye frame that you need to buy for your kid this summer. These eyeglasses best suit children with a broad forehead and long jawline. If you are looking for a stylish eyeglass frame that will accentuate your kid’s facial expressions, then cool blue square frames are an excellent option. Blue square kids eyeglasses are not only trendy, but they also provide a unique style statement for your child. Check out the blue matt square frames from Specsmakers with high quality double side coating and 95% scratch protection.


If you are looking for a diverse range of kids eye frames, head over to Specsmakers and pick the best eyeglass that best suits your child’s personality and style. You can also check out our blogs on signs you child needs an eye exam and foods for sight-8 foods that will keep your eyes healthy

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