5 benefits of acetate frames

Acetate frames are one of the biggest trends in the eyewear industry, providing the twin benefit of being a style statement and an eco-friendly option. Acetate is a synthetic fibre derived from natural raw materials such as wood and cotton fibres. From being sturdy to temperature resistant, there are numerous benefits of using acetate eye glasses. Read on to know a few of them:

Highly durable

One of the greatest advantages for having acetate eyeglasses is that it can withstand any amount of pressure and stress without losing its elasticity. This is mainly because of the fact that cellulose acetate consists of tough fibres that are very strong and hard to break. Even after many years of usage, acetate frames does not lose their shape and structure.  Being resistant to wear and tear is one of the primary reasons why cellulose acetate is widely employed in other industrial applications such as home décor, buttons, dresses and upholsteries, to name a few. If you are in search of a perfect spectacle for your everyday eye wear, check out the square brown tortoise acetate with advanced scratch resistant technology.


Just like how jewellery can trigger allergic reactions, certain metal frames are also capable of producing skin rashes and discolouration.  Usually, allergic reactions are developed from hinges, nose pads and other parts of the eye glass that touch the skin. But not in the case of acetate eyeglasses. Since cellulose acetate is a non-petroleum based plastic manufactured from natural and cotton fibres, they do not contain any kind of artificial agents that can create allergic reactions.  For those people with highly sensitive skin, it is always advisable to choose an eye frame that is marked as hypoallergenic.  The square blue shine acetate eyeglass is a great option that helps you protect your skin and stay in vogue all at the same time.

Eco-friendly and easily renewable

Today, concepts such as global warming, climate change, extinction of species and depletion of resources are taking a centre-stage. Due to this, there is so much buzz around adopting green living concepts and being environmentally conscious. Hence it’s time to lean towards sustainable eye wear trends that are attractive, eco-friendly and ethical. In this regard, acetate eye glasses are a perfect choice. Since acetate is bio plastic manufactured from tree pulp and cotton liners, the materials used in acetate frames can be easily recycled and renewed. This year, make sure you adopt sustainable fashion with a stylish pair of rectangle brown tortoise acetate eyeglasses.

Great comfort

When you pick the right pair of frames for your eye glasses, it is also important to choose an eye frame that gives you comfort along with good aesthetics for your face. Acetate eye glasses are a great investment in the sense that it offers great comfort and style all at the same time.  Great comfort comes from the fact that they are lightweight and flexible in nature. They are 25% lighter than most of the metallic frames. Due to its light and flexible nature, they are an excellent choice for children. When compared to adults, children are more active and the risk of eye glass damage is much higher. In this case, if the eye glasses go out of shape, acetate frames can come back to its original nature due to its exceptional flexibility. Looking for trendy eye glasses for your kid? Check out the highly stylish cateye red tortoise eyeglasses.

Available in different styles and shapes

With an attractive gloss finish and great transparency, acetate frames look stunning irrespective of the shape of your face. Due to a deep gloss present in cellulose acetate, they are a great option to experiment with different styles and colours. When compared to other types of frames, it is very easy to incorporate hues of colours while manufacturing acetate frames. Designers can easily add and subtract combinations of several colours in order to deliver high-quality appealing acetate eyeglasses. Don’t miss out on rocking the nerdy trend this year with a pair of cateye black tortoise acetate eye glasses.

 With so many different properties and characteristics, acetate frames are indeed unique. Present day acetate frames are greatly known for its thin rims that are extremely lightweight. Be it subtle or bold, acetate eyeglasses can help you create any kind of style statement. Head out to Specsmakers and check out their widest range of trendy acetate eyeglasses.