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Who & when does one need reading glasses?


Who & when does one need reading glasses?

Our eye lenses tend to become more rigid over the years. This decreases a person's near vision thus necessitating the need to search for corrective measures. One such measure is opting for reading glasses. Reading glasses are glasses with convex shaped lenses that cause near objects to look clearer. But apart from the above, are there individuals who need reading glasses? If so, who are they? And are there any pointers that indicate when we need reading glasses? If so, what are they? Although not an exhaustive list, we have compiled answers to a few of these. Read more to find out whether you are in need of reading glasses.


Those who suffer from Presbyopia

We all age. Around the age of 40, many individuals happen to suffer from presbyopia. Presbyopia is when you experience blurred vision while doing minor activities. The simplest solution for presbyopia is to opt for reading glasses.

Those who suffer frequent Headaches

Do you experience headaches often? Do you find yourselves frequently rubbing your eyes? An indication of eye strain, this means you need a pair of reading glasses. Apart from wearing reading glasses, make sure you follow the 20-20-20 rule prescribed by doctors. Every 20 minutes, indulge in a 20-second break and focus your eyes on something at least 20 feet away from your book or screen.

You doze off at your computer

Your eye muscles are made to work harder when you focus on some close-up or detailed work, like in the case of reading or working with digital devices like computers. But if you feel sleepy often during such times it is because the muscles get exhausted, trying to aid you with a clearer vision. If this is the case, then it’s time for you to get reading glasses.  

You always need more light to read

Have you found yourself in a situation where a reading lamp is not enough for reading? So you search for a brighter source of light or search for multiple sources of light to read. One of the definite indications that you need reading glasses is when you never seem to have enough light for reading.

Your arm pains while reading

When your arm constantly adjusts the way it holds a book for better readability, it screams the need for reading glasses. If an object held 14 inches from your face is blurry, then it’s a telling sign that you may need some sort of corrective lens. Preferably a good pair of readers.

You need text fonts to be enlarged

Have you zoomed in on your screen because the fonts were not readable?  Have you increased your font size on your phone or any other devices? If so – it’s time you think about readers. Enlarged fonts is a clear cut indication that you aren’t seeing things like the way you used to and that you might need a pair of reading glasses.

You see halos

When your eyes are unable to properly focus light into your retina, then the light scatters make it all blurry. If you often see bright circles appear around lights of various shapes and sizes, from light bulbs or tube lights, chances are you might need a pair of reading glasses.

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