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What are the Benefits of Anti-Glare glasses?


What are the Benefits of Anti-Glare glasses?

It was late at night and Arun wanted to drop Satish home. A cautious driver, Arun was driving slowly when a sudden glare made him lose control. As Arun turned the bike away from the glare, he could feel Satish’s hands clenching his shoulders tightly. Arun not only quickly regained control but halted the bike right on time. They both breathed a sigh of relief. Right next to where they turned the bike, was a mud pit which could have made the bike to skid.

The next day, Satish meets Arun at the office cafeteria along with his friend Ramesh.

Satish: You know what Arun? Ramesh has encountered, what we faced yesterday. And that happened just a few weeks back it seems. He lost control and fell. Thankfully, no severe injuries.

Arun: What? This is one serious issue that I want to resolve, Ramesh.

Ramesh: Yeah. I know how it feels. To lose control because of glare. I met with minor scraping of skin that day. But post that, I wanted to ensure I don’t lose control while driving because of glare.

Arun: Is there something that we can do to avoid this?

Ramesh: You can get yourself a pair of Anti-Glare, Anti Reflective glasses.

Arun: What are Anti-Glare Anti Reflective glasses?  

Ramesh: Light that gets reflected causes distractions.  Regular lenses allow around 12% of the light to get reflected. This is of big bother in low-light conditions, like when driving at night. Anti-Glare, Anti-Reflective glasses are claimed to allow only 0.5% of the light to reflect.

Arun: 0.5%? That’s really cool.

Ramesh: And guess what. Since I spend long periods of time on computers, I was also experiencing eye strain made apparent by irritated eyes and the constant squinting and rubbing of eyes.  I was able to resolve this with the aid of Anti-Glare, Anti reflective glasses.

Satish: I face this too. I experience high levels of discomfort and it affects my productivity as my eyes get tired and exhausted.  Doing away with this discomfort worked wonders for you didn’t it? You seem more confident now.

Ramesh: It is just not that. With Anti-Glare Anti Reflective glasses, your eyes see more as there are no reflections on your glasses. Thus eye contact tends to be better while wearing Anti-glare Anti reflective glasses.

Arun: So Anti-Glare, Anti-Reflective glasses come with varied benefits?

Ramesh: Yes. For instance, Anti-glare glasses or anti-reflective glasses can make taking photographs easier. With less reflection, you can now ace that perfect shot the first time.

Satish: But where to get quality Anti-Glare Anti Reflective eyeglasses?

Ramesh: When it comes to eyewear, I recommend the branded ones. And among the branded ones, there is no better option than Specsmakers. They have multiple stores at multiple locations. Walk into any of their stores and they can help you out with the right Anti-Glare Anti-Reflective glass wear.

I got my Anti-Glare Anti Reflective glasses from them. Their Anti-glare or Anti reflective glasses not only reduced distraction but also eliminated unnecessary glare and reflection.  Now my vision is sharper and clearer. 

Satish: I’m heading over to Specsmakers today to get a pair of Anti-Reflective glasses.

Arun: I’ll come along and buy a pair of Anti-Reflective glasses for myself too.