Gautham had coffee at a restaurant with his friends and dished out a 200 Rupee note as tips for a bill of 180 Rs. The waiter gave him a perplexed look and carried on. His friends were equally stunned and one friend commented, “Woah.. A tip of 200 Rs. Looks like our boy got promoted here.” Gautham jumped up in a jolt and walked off to find the waiter. The waiter smiled at him and told him that no one had tipped him this heartily. Great. Now he didn’t have the heart to tell that he mistook it for a 10 Rs currency note. He couldn’t see the currency value thanks to his single vision spectacles and is someone who does not remove his spectacles in the company of his friends. Red-faced and embarrassed he asked the waiter for the 200 Rs….

Gautham is one among the many who are left embarrassed when their lenses fail at seamlessly switching between near, intermediate and far distances. This is where progressive lenses offer the quintessential perfect solution. Progressive lenses are optical paragons that are adept at making smooth transitions between near, intermediate and far distances. Let us take you through the areas where progressive lenses gain that extra edge.

Multiple Vision Fields 


Multiple vision fields are integrated into a single lens without any clear distinction between the fields themselves. This equips them to provide a gradual progression of prescription powers, with which almost any vision need could be met.

Eliminate sudden power jumps

In progressive lens, the power progressively switches from far to intermediate to your full reading power where the distance prescription is at the top and going down the lens gradually increases in power. They thus rule away the problem of sudden power jumps between different focal lengths that cause image distortion, nausea and other effects.

Precise fit

Specmakers Progressive lenses are custom designed to match the pupillary distance. The measurement helps to determine where you look through the lens of your spectacles and if it is not accurate, it will make an uncomfortable wear as you may feel one eye being “pulled” away from the optical center on the lens. We tend an accurate prescription based on mapping the exact distance, resulting in a measurement that ensures that the lens center lines up with your pupil center. This makes Specmakers Progressive lenses a precise fit.

Digitally Surfaced

Specmakers Progressive lenses are also digitally surfaced and by eliminating approximation of power, bring to the table better accuracy. These progressive lenses also aid in gaining a high clarity vision in the intermediate distance area (between reading and distance). This is very useful for computer use and other everyday activities.

Wider channels and corridors

Progressive lenses also furnish wider and more accurate channels and corridors, which lead to a better peripheral vision. They decrease the blurriness around the edges of the peripheral view, thus rendering an optimum visual experience.

Are not giveaway signs of the wearer’s age

Traditional Bifocal and trifocal lenses have nettling visible lines that are considered telltale signs of the wearer’s age. By getting rid of the annoying lines, progressive lenses immediately create a youthful and spry look. 

Relief from symptoms of computer vision syndrome

Computer Vision syndrome arises due to continuous and prolonged use of computers. Bifocal wearers often sit closer to the screen and tend to tilt back their heads to see through the bottom portion of their lens. This leads to muscle strain, neck pain and other symptoms of CVS. Progressive lenses eliminate this, thus providing complete relief from all that pain.

Without an iota of doubt, switching to progressive lenses will be rewarding. But before you do make the switch take the counsel of opticians at any of our 275 stores, who would be more than ready to help you.

Optima Collaborator