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Try before you buy: The 4 step process to finding the perfect spectacle at home


Try before you buy: The 4 step process to finding the perfect spectacle at home

People generally recognise you by your face, and that makes the glasses you sport a part of your identity. Your spectacles can help people see who you really are or help perpetuate the image you want. Whether you are sporty, fun-loving, sophisticated or mysterious, the key lies in choosing the right spectacles to match your personality and lifestyle. Not only that, but your glasses should also afford you with optimal vision.

But finding the perfect pair of glasses takes time, and with our busy lifestyles, it becomes challenging to head to a store and spend time looking through every single option.

But now with Specsmakers’ Home Try-Ons, you can find the perfect spectacles in the comfort of your home in four easy steps. Here’s how it works.

Step 1: Make an appointment

Head over to the Specsmakers website and book your appointment online or call your local Specsmakers store and speak to us directly.

Step 2: Pick the right frames and lenses

Once you’ve made your booking, our representative will arrive with a wide variety of lenses and frames for you to choose from. You’ll be spoilt for choice with our range of 200 plus frames and over 30 lenses!

Take your time, as choosing the right frames to suit your face shape can be tricky business. Here are some basic guidelines you can follow:

Square face – Choose glasses that are wider at the top, like a cat-eye frame to balance out your strong jawline. Avoid frames with a flat top bar or angular corners

Rectangular face – Oversized frames will compliment this face shape the best. You can pull off the nerd glasses look. Avoid frames that are small and rectangular.

Oval face – You’re one of the blessed people who can pull off most styles! Play around with different styles of frames be it rectangular, round, half-moon. Just pay attention to the size of the frames. They shouldn’t be too small or too large and should fit you comfortably.

Round face – If you have a round face, using mostly squared-shaped frames can help give you the illusion of a sharp jawline and cheekbones. Opt for broad and angular frames to achieve this. Avoid rounded frames or frames that are too small for your face.

Heart-shaped face – Opt for squared or rectangular frames to balance our your wide features. Frames that are wider on the top will draw attention to your wide forehead and will cause your facial features to look unbalanced.

Diamond face – Use frames that have a top bar, or a thick and defined brow line. This will help you balance out your prominent chin and complement your facial features.

Now that you’ve chosen the perfect frames, it’s time to fill them up with the right lenses. Your choice of lenses will depend on your lifestyle. A student will require different lenses from an athlete and someone who spends time in the sun will have different needs from an office worker. Take a look at some of the different types of lenses:

Eva lenses – Our trademark prescription lenses come in single vision, bifocal and progressive versions.

Blu V lenses – Today, most people spend nearly 8 hours in front of their computer screens. Hyper-focusing on your screen for that long cause a lot of strain on your eyes. Prevent this by opting for our Blu-V lenses.

Powered sunglasses – If you’re someone that spends time outdoors, carrying a separate pair of sunglasses can be a bother. Opt for our powered sunglasses. They offer you the advantage of prescription lenses with sun protection.

Step 3: Place your order

Once you’re happy with your choice of frames and lenses, place your order with our representative or on our website.

Step 4: Get your glasses delivered for free!

Once your spectacles are ready, we will deliver them to you within 24 hours. All that’s left for you to do is wear them with confidence.

Visit your nearest Specsmakers today and gift yourself clear vision. Don’t forget to read our blogs on signs that you need glasses and how to protect your eyes this summer.