Benefits of using blue light blocking glasses

Whether we are working, studying or taking time off, most of our lives today revolve around looking at a screen. And no matter what digital activity you are partaking in, chances are you are being exposed to considerable amounts of blue light. Find out how to protect your eyes!
October 01, 2018 by Customer Support

Prolonged use of laptop and mobile? Here's how you can protect your eyes

Whether you are working, studying or just relaxing, most of our activities today revolve around staring at screens – be it a laptop, tablet or smartphones. In fact, you’re reading this post on a digital screen. Case in point.

If your eyes start to feel dry and tired or if you get a head ache at the end of the day, then the culprit is your digital devices. All these symptoms point to a unique affliction that plagues the modern era – computer vision syndrome.

It doesn’t take long for these symptoms to show considering the hours we spend in front of multiple screens. Fortunately, there are some checks you can put in place to minimise the damage our constantly glowing screens do to our eyes. Here are a few of them!

March 01, 2018 by Customer Support