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Signs your child needs an eye exam


Signs your child needs an eye exam

Nearly 80% of what a child learns is obtained visually. Several studies indicate that almost 70% of school-going children suffer from some form of visual impairment. However, it can be difficult to immediately notice if your child has vision problems. Undetected vision problems can have an adverse impact on your child’s performance – both academically and socially. In order to maintain your child’s eye health, you need to be aware of some common signs related to a vision problem. Here are a few signs that indicate your child needs an eye-exam and possibly glasses.

 Sitting too close to the TV

Something that troubles most parents is when they notice their child sitting too close to the TV. If you notice your child using screens abnormally close to their faces, it is a definite sign of vision problems in toddlers. Your child probably suffers from near-sightedness; people with near-sightedness have perfect eyesight at close ranges, but it becomes worse as the object moves further away. If you notice your child moving books, screens, objects etc. closer to them an eye exam is definitely needed. It is very important to protect your eyes when using screens. 

 Light sensitivity

If your child is extremely sensitive or intolerant to bright lights, then they are likely to be suffering from a condition called Photophobia. Children suffering from photophobia feel uncomfortable when exposed to sunlight, incandescent and fluorescent light. This is a serious sign your child may need glasses. This is especially important in India where summers are intense. Learn more about how to protect your eyes during the summer.

 Excessive squinting

One of the first signs of vision problems in toddlers is if you notice our child squinting excessively. Children will often squint their eyes if they are struggling to read, in an attempt to see clearly or as a reaction to extremely bright light. Squinting helps improve vision as it reduces the amount of light entering the eye making it easier for your child to focus on what they are looking at. If you catch your little one squinting frequently, it is a sure sign your child may need glasses, as squinting could be their way of compensating for poor vision.

 Frequent tearing up

Some children may be prone to a condition called lagophthalmos, which causes eyes to dry out at night because eyelids don’t close completely when asleep. As a result, your child will tear up excessively to compensate for the lack of moisture. If you see this happening, do go get an eye exam done.

 Tilting their head

Tilting of the head could be for a number of reasons. If your child suffers from eye misalignment, they will start tilting their head very often. This could be a sign of imbalance in the eye muscles or lazy eye (Strabismus). Some children can suffer from Ptosis, a condition where the upper eyelid drops down and obscures their line of vision. By tilting their head, your child can see past the drooping eyelid. Another reason for your child tilting their head is because they could be suffering from double vision when looking in a particular direction. In such situations, tilting helps make double vision more manageable. 

 Rubbing their eyes

Babies and toddlers rub their eyes when it nears their bedtime. However, if they rub their eyes excessively, this is due to eye fatigue which is a sign of a number of symptoms including poor eyesight. This may also be one of the early signs your child may need glasses.

 Frequent headaches

Uncorrected farsightedness in children can sometimes result in brow arches or frontal headaches. In order to see clearly, your child will try to compensate for their blurry vision by exerting extra effort which will result in frequent headaches. If your child suffers from farsightedness, you may need to take your child for an eye exam.

 Now that you’re aware of all the symptoms and signs your child may need glasses, you can take proactive steps towards ensuring your little one does not suffer from prolonged vision problems.

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