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Power Sunglasses – The Perfect Fusion of fashion and function


Power Sunglasses – The Perfect Fusion of fashion and function

On an outing with your close friends in the hot sun, you see everyone pulling out their fashionable sunglasses to protect their eyes from the sun. But you are made to compromise on that uber-cool look and protection and instead restrict yourself to spectacles.

Sounds familiar? Not anymore.

You can now throw such compromises out of the window, all thanks to Power Sunglasses. Power sunglasses bring together the best of both worlds. Here are a few pointers as to why your pockets deserve them.

Bring out the fashionista in you

Flaunt that personal fashion signature of yours with Power Sunglasses. With choices thrown open, you don’t have to take as it comes and instead opt to play around with the frame shapes, frame colors and lens color that are at your disposal. Choose a stylish pair of power sunglasses that make a personalized fashion statement– choose a designer frame, enter your prescription, and choose lenses with a grey or brown tint to match your personal style.

No more discomfort

It’s really uncomfortable to wear spectacles that don’t fit perfectly. Don’t stick with options and accessories that are cumbersome to wear. No more of trying to adapt to eyewear and accessories; Instead switch to Power Sunglasses that adapt to you. They take into account the shape of the face, their fit, the pupillary distance and multiple other considerations to arrive at a pair of eyewear that make an ideal fit.

UV Ray Protection

UV protection to eyes is what sunscreen is to skin. Exposure from the sun’s UV rays can cause extensive eye damage that includes cataracts, macular degeneration and sunburns on your cornea. UV rays can also damage your eyelids and other tissues not covered by the lens. Power Sunglasses come with UV Ray filters and contours shaped to cover the eyes and the skin around it. This gives them an edge in protecting the delicate tissues of the skin around the eyes from UV rays.

Go for that enhanced visual comfort and clarity

Power sunglasses are specially designed using new generation technology to reduce eye stress and keep your eye cool. Their high quality lenses provide for enhanced visual comfort. Available for all kinds of corrective prescriptions, Power Sunglasses come with inbuilt corrective prescriptions that correct defective vision caused by vision disorders. Regular use of these Power Sunglasses, go a long way in overall vision correction.

Prices that are wallet friendly

Before you jump the gun on whether a branded pair of Power Sunglasses will cost a bomb, give Specsmakers Power Sunglasses a spin. They are priced at costs that seem minimal, considering the value they render.

Make both the ends of fashion and function meet by getting a pair of stylized Power Sunglasses. Try out our Power Sunglasses by walking into any of the Specsmakers stores.