Today’s generation of busybodies spend half their lives staring in front of a screen; be it a computer for professional purposes or smartphone for leisure. This constant staring can directly lead to issues of vision and stress on the eyeballs. This makes it important to protect your eyes at all times, especially during summer. A majority of eye-related problems occur due to poor functioning of the eye muscles, so if you want a healthy eyesight, you need to start a routine that helps to relax your eyes. If you have never heard of yoga for eye problems, then this is the right time to start your new routine. While many artificial remedies cure eye problems, they may prove dangerous to use as you grow older; stick to the proven ancient techniques of yoga if you truly wish to care for your long term vision. Here are some of the best eye yoga exercises that will naturally improve your eyesight.

Eye rotation

Most of the time, we tend to sit still with our eyes remaining stationary and focused on one subject. This can prove bad for the eye socket muscles and lead to diseases. If you are considering yoga for eye problems, then the best thing to do would be to keep your eye muscles functional and rotate your eyes every few minutes constantly.

Up and down rotation- Moving your eyes up and down helps keep eye diseases at bay and improves your vision. Sit in a meditation pose and move your eyes up and down, repeating the steps every 15 minutes.

Side-to-side rotation- Diseases like myopia and hypermetropia can be controlled by moving the eyes from side to side. Follow the same routine to that of up and down rotation, but move your eyes from side to side instead every 15 minutes.

Circular rotation- Rotating your eyes clockwise and counter-clockwise helps get rid of everyday eye irritations and dryness. This method is best suited for people who sit in front of screens a lot. Just like other rotation poses, sit down and repeat circular rotation of the eyes every 15 minutes.  


The human eye should blink 25 times per minute on average, but due to the change in lifestyle caused by technological advances, not many people are taking a proactive effort to blink. Many issues like dryness and pain may occur if you are not blinking at regular intervals. If you are wondering how to improve eyesight by yoga, you can practice blinking as an exercise, sit in a yoga pose and concentrate on blinking your eyes 10-20 times every minute for five minutes, repeat the steps every 20 minutes. Blinking will lubricate your eyes and prevent dryness and itchiness.


Do you ever find yourself mentally exhausted after a long day's work? If you feel a throbbing headache coming and are fatigued, it is a clear sign of over stress on your eyes. To clear up the stress and pain in your eyes, you can utilise the natural remedy of palming. This is an excellent way to use yoga for your eyes. To perform the technique successfully, you must clear your head of any thoughts, rub your palms together to generate heat and place your warm hands over your eyelids for 5 minutes. Repeat the procedure till you start feeling a soothing sensation rush over your head.


If you’ve been to the eye doctor, you’ll know that standard procedure involves gazing at a chart full of letters and numbers in random order and descending sizes. This technique is used to judge the power of your eyesight and conclude on whether you have short or long sightedness. You can try this technique anywhere by simply closing one eye and focusing on a subject close and then far away and then repeat the procedure for your other eye.


Nothing spells relaxation better than a healthy dose of sleep. If you are at work and need a small break, utilise that break to rest your eyes for a few minute. At home, lie down in the corpse pose with your hands outstretched and breathe consciously while closing your eyes for a long period, till you feel lighter in the head.  

Remember, yoga is an essential form of exercise that must be practised on a regular basis. Perform eye yoga exercises frequently, as yoga can be greatly beneficial for your eyes, helping you easily improve your eyesight. For precautionary measures, make sure to schedule a free check-up at your local Specsmakers store.
Odelia Christina