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Food for Sight - 8 Foods That Will Keep Your Eyes Healthy


Food for Sight - 8 Foods That Will Keep Your Eyes Healthy

There’s a famous old quote- “You are what you eat”. A healthy diet is highly recommended by all nutritionists, for the simple fact that what goes into your body shows on the outside. The interesting thing about food is that each type of consumable product gives your body a boost in a unique way, so if you are particular of improving a certain aspect of your body, the food you intake should have the qualities to enhance that. In this case, we have listed down the best foods that will keep your eyes healthy. The eyes are, of course, an essential organ of the body that is responsible for the necessary sense of sight, while also becoming a part of fashion, so taking care of your eyes is very important. Do make the following foods a part of your daily diet.


The celebrity food for eye health, carrots have numerous benefits for eyesight no other food possesses. Carrots are very rich in Vitamin A and beta carotene, which are present on the surface of the eye. Carrots are best to eat if you wish to prevent any eye infection, plus it is easy to carry around and can be enjoyed raw.

Leafy Vegetables

Leafy vegetables are a fun ingredient to add to enhance the taste of salads and other fast foods. Vegetables like spinach and broccoli are perfect for the eyes as they have pigments like zeaxanthin and lutein, which help reverse the formation of cataracts in the eye. Peas and avocado also help in reducing eye issues due to their antioxidants.


Every non-vegetarian knows that the day simply cannot start without a healthy dose of eggs. Like carrots, eggs have a rich supply of vitamin A that helps prevent dryness in the eyes. The yolk of the egg is where all the magic lies. You can cook and consume eggs any way you like and even dare to try it raw.

Almonds and other nuts

Omega fatty acids and vitamin E are a powerful source of eye health, and the best carriers of the vitamin are dry fruits like almonds. This is the sort of food you must substitute your snacks for; have a bag full of nuts with you at all times to munch on.


If you are the sort who enjoys non-vegetarian foods, pick seafood over the usual chicken and beef. Fish have the highly valuable omega three fatty acids in them that can do wonders to your vision. Salmon is the type of fish that has the richest amount of the same. Don’t like fish? You can extract fish oil and use it in your cooking.

Whole grain foods

To stay free from age-related macular degeneration, include whole grain foods in your diet. Whole grain foods like brown rice, wheat bread and pasta have a low glycemic index rating that will help balance your diet and keep your eye muscles flexed.

Citrus fruits

If you enjoy classic summer fruits like lemons, limes and oranges, make it a point to chop a few of them up in a salad and include their juices as part of your breakfast. Citrus fruits are rich in vitamin C which is a great fighter against cataract.  


Milk is universally popular as a vital ingredient in a growing child’s diet because of its innumerable benefits.  Milk has a lush source of vitamin A and zinc, both of which are heavily present in the eyes. Vitamin A helps keep the corneas fresh, while zinc is a constructive mineral that helps generate eye tissue.

Before making any of the above-mentioned food a part of your daily diet, make sure to consult a nutritionist, while also visiting for a free eye check-up at your local Specsmakers store. While it is important to eat healthy, exercise for the eyes is equally important.