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Eyewear Trends of the Decade?


Eyewear Trends of the Decade?

The eyewear space saw the previous decade earmarked by challenges that led the way to several developments. These developments shaped the eyewear space, altered the face of it and set the ball rolling. And now that we are stepping into the next decade, a preview of the trends that will shape the eyewear space needs to be updated. Let’s take a look at a few of these trends that might create quite some noise:

1. Flexible Frames

Super flexible eyewear that can be twisted and flexed any way. Predominantly made of thermoplastic material that deploys a unique technology, these possess superb strength. Being extremely flexible, this eyewear can easily bend at any angle and can thus adjust to any face shape. Unbreakable and sturdy, this eyewear has the potential to absorb any hard impacts.

2. Titanium Eyewear

Eyewear made of titanium that furnish the barely there feel. A metal that is ultra-light and ultra-strong at the same time, the use of Titanium is bound to make the eyewear unbelievably durable. This eyewear is bound to make a modest appeal by embracing a minimalistic artsy look. They are best at loading that suave look that reflects an aristocratic and mature feel.

3. Under-Water Power Glasses.

Yes. You heard us right. Swimming Goggles are quite popular, but this decade will see eyewear that will not compromise on your vision and can be still used underwater.

4. Power Sunglasses

Regular travel getaways and leisure hang outs are emerging as a most sought break from our routine. And it is impossible to not imagine these without sunglasses. Generally sunglasses mean you might have to compromise on the eyewear that helps you with vision correction. This decade will see eyewear that will not compromise on the vision and also double up as sunglasses.

5. Smart Sunglasses

Sunglasses inducted with bone conduction technology might be this decade’s most popular trend. Audio signals transmitted through Bone Conduction don’t submerge you in a world of sound and music. When your world gets submerged so, you have no audible perception of what is happening outside. This Bone Conduction feature makes Smart Sunglasses aka Audio Sunglasses ideal for bikers and those who travel by automobile frequently. This eyewear can help with an increased awareness for joggers, runners and the likewise as you can hear music and the sounds outside at the same time, thus avoiding mishaps like accidents. With state of the art Bluetooth, it also aids you to be connected on the fly through their hands-free technology.

6. Customized Lenses

With Customization becoming a norm in everything, it’s not a surprise that it has caught up with the eyewear space too. What is surprising is the extent of customization that can be made possible in eyewear. We will have customization so unique where you will have lenses with your names inscribed. We will have customized eyewear that is as unique as your fingerprint.

This is not an exhaustive list and we are sure that this decade will surprise us with much more. For such exciting eyewear, visit Specsmakers. You can also walk into any of our stores.